Sunday, November 30, 2008

Haul Out the Holly

This weekend it was time to get out the Christmas decorations. It's always fun to see all our decorations we haven't seen in 11 months. My kids love getting it all out. Here are a few of the homemade decorations. I have Christmas tree skirt I made last year, but it's still buried and I think I posted a picture of it a few weeks ago anyway.
This is a Christmas stitchery sampler I made about 4 years ago. I just got the frame for it yesterday. See, not only am I slow about quilting my quilts I'm slow about finishing other projects too.
Our stockings are hung this year by a real chimney! Caleb is very excited we have one. He was explaining this will be much easier for Santa than using the front door. Also, the reindeer can park on the roof now. I made these two years ago and then one last year. We do have one problem. We can't remember which stocking is Caleb's and which is Jake's. My husband's and mine are the two on the ends.

This is a Star of Bethlehem quilt I made last year. The fabric is from 3 Sisters Roman Holiday. I used Quiltsmart for the main star and figured out the outer stars on EQ5, which I happen to like better than EQ6 for most things.
If you've never used Quiltsmart you should try it. It's sooo easy. This is the easiest lone star you'll ever do. Quiltsmart uses interfacing marked with sewing lines. There are no Y seams, and no sewing on the bias. It's super easy and you can make it in an afternoon. I have another quilt with Quitsmart I am hopefully going to get bound this week. I'll post a picture later. Broadbent's now has Quiltsmart. I was so excited when they got it. Some Joann's (gasp) carry it too. Material Girls has some. I'm also working on a Double Wedding Ring quilt using Quilt smart. They have several different methods. Ok, commercial over.

This is my one and only Christmas quilt. I've decided I need another. I started one in the summer out of a Winter jelly roll, but put it away when we moved and haven't gotten it back out. I'm finishing the last of my Merry-go-Round quilt. When that's finished I'll have to get it back out.


Carol said...

Love your stitchery...cute, cute pattern. Your star quilt is beautiful...I love the Quiltsmart foundation for doing those stars...make it soooooo easy and they come out PERFECT!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Christmas is for stars. This is a lovely quilt. Looks like you are getting things all decorated.

Natalie said...

everything looks great! I haven't done a stitchery in forever! And I'm glad you found great deals shopping the day after thanksgiving. Those patterns look cute!!

Anna M. said...

What cute Christmas decorations you've made...LOVE the quilt! I am excited about the quiltsmart products too...still need to finish my pinwheel spin. =)

belinda said...

lovely stitching and a great quilt!

Nancy said...

I just linked to your block from Nanette's and noticed your stockings. I made some from the same pattern! I love them! I also love the holiday sampler you made.