Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Quilting Humiliation

This happened about a month or so ago. However, I am so mortified that I haven't been able to post about it. I am finally able to talk about it and getting brave enough to think about going back to the quilt shop.

Around here there are only two quilt shops that I know of. Anyway, one of these stores is not a problem for me to take my kids to. They have an area with toys and my kids love it. They sit and play with the toys and have a great time. Last time I was there with Jake I told him it was time to go and he looked at me and said "See ya later, Mom." He wanted me to just leave him there to play with the toys!

Well, one day I needed to go to the other store, I won't mention the name. They have more quilt fabric than the other. I had to take both kids with me, which is never my favorite choice but I don't have time to get there and back by the time kindergarten is over so I have to take them both. I think they frown upon little children there, or maybe just mine. I needed a few things and then I was considering getting a "Bad Dad" kit by Quilt Soup to hang in the playroom.

Jake has a daily uniform he wears. Overalls. He's 2 but only weighs 20lbs on a good day. I can't find pants that are long enough that will stay up on him. He puts his hands in the bib part often and was doing so at the store. I think he just likes his hands to be warm. I didn't think anything of it. At one point he told an older lady he had a wet diaper. She told him he must have a diaper on because she didn't see a puddle. I was embarassed because I figure it's not the social norm to potty talk with complete strangers at the quilt shop. Well, that was nothing compared to his next move.

This store has a little ramp. My kids were walking up and down it. Then I hear someone say something about a dirty diaper on the floor. There had been another little boy running up and down some steps next to the ramp. I figured it was his. Jake was standing right by me at the time. One of the ladies asked me if it was his. Of course I said no. My child would not take his diaper off and especially not at the store, plus he was completely dressed Then I felt his little rear end, just to be sure. To my utter humiliation his little bum was bare! It was his diaper. He must have been playing with the tabs. I put my stuff on the counter and took him out to the car, dirty diaper in hand. I changed him and then had to face the complete embarassment of going back in the store to pay for my stuff. Needless to say I did not buy the Bad Dad kit. I couldnt' get out of there soon enough. I told the lady he had never done that, which he really never has. I don't think she believed me. She looked at me like "that's what they all say."

Now, do I dare enter the doors of this shop again, or do I resign myself to online fabric shopping from now on?


Nedra said...

Anyone who has had a child has been through experiences like this. If the quilt store ladies don't show any empathy, it's their problem. After raising 5 children this senario is mild.(believe me) I'd say if there is a product you want, then go get it. They should be thrilled that in today's economy you want to spend your $$ with them.

The Demanding Doll said...

Awww, they should never make you feel bad - not as a customer and especially as a mom. All kids do this stuff. It will be something to laugh about (and tell his future girlfriends) later. Let it roll off your shoulders and go back with a twinkle in your eye over this if you choose to.

And I agree with Nedra - they should be thrilled to get your $$.

Anonymous said...

When our daughter was 2, we were at the local DMV branch. I was getting a new license for the new state we had recently moved to. To my disbelief, I spotted my daughter nearly down to her birthday suit as I was having my photo taken! I couldn't believe how quick those little hands move....She said she was hot and was tired of waiting for me!
Stuff happens and kids grow up too fast. Go back and don't give it another thought!

Karen said...

"Crisis" plus time equals humor;) All I can say is ditto, ditto, and ditto.

Ruthie said...

Of course you should shop there again and even take the little lad with you. Maybe walk in and say, see, he has his diaper on!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha !!! I giggled so much reading this post! Kids are just so awesome and unpredictable. Of course as "grown ups" we tend to get embarrased as if every thing they do is somehow a reflection of us. But darn it if our kids just don't come up with these things all on their own.
Shame on those employees, if not as moms at least as women, for not seeing humor in the situation.
I would have a good laugh,store this one away to tell him when he is a teenager, and stroll right back into that shop anytime I wanted with a BIG smile on my face.