Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This is how I spent my day

Yesterday I spent most of the day piecing this back for Pinwheel Spin. The reason it took so long is well..... a 2 year old and a 5 year old and well, the same 2 year old again. Their playroom is right next to the sewing room so I can watch them while I sew. However, the 2 year old wanted to be cuddled in the "blanket" aka backing. Since it's an older line I had a hard time finding enough fabric to do the whole back, so I had to piece it.

It's now on the quilt frame. Unfortunately, the same machine that's given me nightmares in the past is at it again. Now it sews for about 2 seconds and then stops all together. Also, they were out of 80-20 batting when I went to the store. I bought 100% cotton and I'm having a really hard time with it. It keeps ripping when I turn the bars to get to the next row. I haven't used this kind before. Any tricks to help? I keep having to reach between the layers and tuck it in place.

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belinda said...

ooooo...i'm sory for your problems.....as far as the batting goes....i'm know very little about the kinds of batting that are best....that is something that has been on my mind lately since i'm quilting my first quilt....the batting i used was in with my sewing stash and has been there FOR YEARS...i don't think there is any cotton in it...so the whole time i have been quilting i have wondered if i had some batting with cotton in it it might quilt easier....??????