Monday, November 24, 2008


I've become obsessed with two things since my Friday fabric shopping trip:

1- Finding more Flea Market Fancy. I keep checking ebay to see if anyone has posted any blue. I can find quite a bit of pink and green, but no blue! I would actually take any color I can find, but I think the pink, blue and green and possibly orange (which I have none of) would be so cute together in a quilt. If anyone knows of any store that has some, please let me know!

2- Grandmother's Flower Garden. I've said quite a few times that I love this pattern. Well, at Gardner's in Ogden on Friday they had one in a glass case when you first walk in, made in tiny, hexagons. I must have been dreaming of it when I woke up yesterday morning because I couldn't stop thinking about it all day. I have two main questions that I keep asking myself. First, I tried hand quilting once. Didn't like it. Don't plan to try it again. If I hand pieced a quilt would I feel obligated to hand quilt it? I'm thinking I might. Would the universe frown on me if I didn't? I'm thinking so. Do I want to attempt to machine piece one? It almost seems like more trouble then hand piecing.

This Grandmother's Flower Garden Variation is from the book Quilts, Quilts, Quilts. I love it. I also love the traditional one though. This one is done in about a 1 inch hexagon. I bought this book when I was a sophomore at Snow College in 1998. I really wanted to take the quilting class they offered, but didn't have room in my schedule. I figured I'd buy the book anyway and figure out how to quilt on my own. I love the book. It has so many great lessons on everything you need to know to quilt. I want to make the sampler in the book. Maybe I'll hand piece on GFG and put it in a sampler.


belinda said...

hey..i love a challenge.......but you pose some interesting questions!

Catherine said...

Lots of hand-pieced hexagon quilts get machine quilted!! I wouldn't let that stop you11 That quilt is quite interesting.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

This is beautiful. I love it.