Monday, February 14, 2011

My Current Project

Our house was built in 1979. We wanted an older house because we liked larger bedrooms and living room. Our old house (that was new when we moved in) had a tiny formal living room. It fit our piano and our couch in it and that's about it. It was kind of a waste of space because we couldn't really use it if people came over. I also really wanted a formal dining room. Well, because our house was older it also came with older decorating. It had recently been painted, but it felt cold to me. When we first moved in we took out the forest green carpet and put a wood floor in. I've been slowly painting the inside of the house and it was time for the dining room.
I've been loving molding for awhile now and really wanted to put some in. My husband cut it and put it up and I painted.

The top is Tobacco Road by Kwal. My husband installed crown molding on Saturday. Hopefully we'll get it caulked tomorrow and painted soon too, since we have people coming over on Wednesday. And as I'm thinking that I'm realizing it's probably not going to happen. We'll try! I'll post the finished product later!