Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Stockings Were Hung

I haven't been feeling too sewy this month. It has taken me all month to get this candy cane stocking finished for my baby. The pattern is by Under the Garden Moon. I made the stockings for the rest of us about two years ago. I like having ones that I made so that as we add to our family I can make coordinating stockings for each person.
I do have a Christmas quilt in the works. It just needs to be quilted and bound. Hopefully I can get it done by next week.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Baby Shower Gifts

Saturday my mother-in-law and I had a shower for my sister-in-law. She's having a baby girl at the end of January, but with the holidays we decided to have her shower a little early.
I made some burp cloths . I love these kind made out of cloth diapers. They are so absorbent. I made some bibs at the last minute too, but for whatever reason the picture will not upload.
The other thing I made for her was this kitten quilt. The pattern is from American Quilting in Orem. I love how it turned out. I think I need to make one for my baby girl!
Here is a close up of the cats. I embroidered the faces and then appliqued them using a running stitch and black floss.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More Bibs!

I just can't stop making bibs out of my scraps, which is a good thing. My baby is now eating solids and if she doesn't like it (think canned mashed beef) she spits it out. Really can you blame her? Would you put that in your mouth? I have made about 10, but I feel like I need at least two a day if not three. I like making them because they are a quick project that I can actually finish. Finding time to finish anything lately is rare, so these are perfect.

I have 3 or 4 more in the works made from the leftover blocks from this quilt. I don't have fabric for the ties though but they are almost finished!

Monday, November 16, 2009

I've finally hit the half way point with my Black Diamonds quilt. I'm ready to put it away for several weeks now while I work on something else. This quilt has acually been pretty easy, but I'm ready for a change. Now..... which unfinished project to choose?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hey Diddle Diddle

I finally finished binding this fun nursery rhyme quilt. I've had the binding on for about two weeks, but just didn't get to actually stitching it down. I love the fun fabric!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November RS Quilt

Alright RS quilters! It's getting time to wrap up our monthly quilt class. I told everyone last month that I won't be able to do it this month as we are finalizing our adoption that day and sealing our baby later in the week. This month I'm posting two blocks for us to do. The first one is called Card Trick. Click on the word to find the page. This page has a pattern and tutorial.

The second block is called Corn and Beans. Both these blocks use the sub blocks we've already learned. I haven't had a chance to make mine and may not until the end of the month, but I'll post a pic when I get them done.

The plan for the rest of the class is that we will do two blocks in both January and February. By March we will have 12 blocks for a lap size quilt. We'll come in March with our blocks finished and set in a quilt top. In March I'll show you how to prep your quilt to quilt it yourself on your machine if people want to do that. Feel free to send your quilt out to be quilted though! In April we will learn how to bind.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Back to the Quilts

I hope you had a Happy Halloween. My kids loved trick-or-treating.... well, 2/3 of them did. One of them fell asleep half way through, wrapped in daddy's coat. Maybe next year. I guess it's not so fun if you don't have any teeth to eat the candy.

After a thorough cleaning I'm back in my sewing room. I even made a block. Yes, just one. I am not loving making the blocks for my broken star quilt. I love the blocks, just not making them. There are LOTS of little pieces so I'm making them whenever I'm ready for a change in fabric or project. It may take a year... or more. I also finished adding the ric rac to this quilt and sewed on the binding. Hopefully tonight I'll have a chance to stitch it down.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Online Fabric Shopping

This post ended up being much longer than expected. If you just want to read about online fabric shopping skip down below the picture. If you want to know why I haven't been sewing this week please continue.

I haven't gotten much sewing done this week. Mostly because of a mouse. Tuesday morning I woke up at six to workout. I started the workout and what do I hear in the corner? Yep... a mouse. Of course I ran up two flights of stairs, not stopping to put down my weights (at least they were only 5 lbs each) and wake up my husband. He was able to catch the mouse and my 6 year old insisted on taking him to the park to let him go. I saw no signs of another mouse and finished my workout.

During Sesame Street I was upstairs putting my 5 months old down for a nap. My 3 year old was downstairs watching Sesame Street when I heard a shriek and then him yelling "It's alive!" Yes, a mouse had ran right through the center of the family room. It ran through again as I was going over to rescue him. Chaos ensued. I called my dad who came over. We couldn't find the mouse and my dad and I set out for the store to buy mouse traps and D-con.

You may be wondering what this has to do with sewing and online fabric shopping. Well, I'll tell you. After a through search of the premises to look for mouse entries ( I had asked my three year old if he saw the mouse come through a crack in the door. He told me yes. Since I wasn't quite sure if he was just being agreeable I asked if he came through a crack or if he opened the door and walked in. He's quite sure the mouse opened the door and just waltzed right in. ) my husband decided the entry is in my laundry room which doubles as my sewing room. I have been avoiding the room ever since. He sealed up the possible entry. Last night two more mice were caught as we innocently slept. Hopefully there aren't any more and we are done with this. Most of my fabric is up away from mice or in sealed bins, but I do have two cupboards on the floor. I may have my husband take a look in there on Saturday and possibly move the bins.... just to be safe. I've never considered myself afraid of mice before. If we are outside and I see a mouse it's no big deal. However, I do not like them and their germs in my house!

Now, if you are still reading, this is where the online fabric shopping comes in. About the only thing I've done with fabric this week is to buy some online. Lately I have not really liked what I'm seeing at my local fabric shop. It's a nice store and used to be my favorite shop, but I think my taste and their buyer's taste have evolved away from each other. I'm just not feeling motivated. When I go to other shops I love what I'm seeing, but not at this one. Since it's really the only shop in my area I've turned to online shopping. I bought the fabric above from I love that I can type in the name of a fabric line and see what shops have it available and also the price. I can usually find a great sale! I also ordered from American Quilting in Orem this week. I needed the wool to make a stocking for my new little one for Christmas. It's cheaper to buy the wool in the kit than to buy it separately because then I can buy just what I need instead of having to buy larger cuts for just a small little applique piece.

In the past I've ordered from Fat Quarter Shop and Hancock's. I still like to visit shops and see all the inspiration out there, however I just haven't been impressed with the ones near me lately. I'm really liking online fabric shopping for two main reasons. First, it's much easier than taking 3 kids to the quilt shop. Second, I can usually find exactly what I want, even discontinued fabric, on sale. Where do you like to shop online?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2 inches short

I've been busy lately. Not busy quilting, but busy potty training a 3 year old and busy in general with a 6 year old and a 5 month old. Oh, and the 3 year old is busy too, even when he isn't potty training. In my spare time I've been working on this super easy quilt. If I had had a full afternoon I could have made it then... but it's taken me a month. I was sewing on the finishing touches of purple ric rac (rick rack?) . I was on the very last part. I'm about 2 inches too short. Of course. Fortunately I measured before I sewed on the last row and didn't start sewing it down. Now the problem.... finding matching ric rac (again, rick rack?). I bought this in Orem, but I live in Davis County. That means driving around to fabric shops here with a 5 months old and a potty training 3 year old until I find what I need. Sounds fun to me........

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Jelly Roll Project

I've actually been working on this quilt for a few weeks now. I've just done several other things in the process. This is Black Diamonds by American Jane. One of the stars is easy to see, but there are two other stars on either side of it. I'm loving the fabric as well, which is Snippets by American Jane. The black is just a random black with white dots that I can't remember what line it's from right now. These are the first four rows. There are 18. This is not quite a quarter finished. When I make quilts I like to do a block or two completely finished before I start chaining. This time I'm doing a row. Piecing blocks is my favorite part but I don't love sewing rows together. Since you can't see the patter until you sew rows together I decided to do this a row at a time. I chain a row and then sew it to the others. Hopefully that will make sewing the rows together more exciting!

A few people asked where I got the Rock-a-Bye Rhymes fabric. I'll tell you a little secret. I love looking for fabric on using this site:

That way you can see which shops have the fabric you are looking for and then compare prices. I saw this fabric going for $16.99 a yard but was able to find it for something like $6.00 at a place having a sale. The site is great for discontinued fabric!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Finally Football

We're not football fans around here. In fact, watching football for me is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Don't get me wrong, my husband and boys all love to play sports, it's just that we don't like to watch other people play them (except there is nothing as entertaining as watching your 3 or 4 year olds play soccer). In high school and college I did go to sport games. I probably didn't see much of the game, but I had a great time socializing with my friends though!

All that being said I have now finished two football quilts for my boys' room. One for each bed. They love them. I'm mostly glad to be done. Yeah!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hey Diddle, Diddle

I found it! A few posts ago I was saying I found some cute nursery rhyme fabric I liked but could only buy it in a kit. I found it online. It's called Rock-a-Bye Rhymes by Alexander Henry and it's from 2008. I ordered some (enough for the quilt and back too... I really like it). It came today and I couldn't wait to show you! Here we have Hey Diddle, Diddle, Little Bow Peep and part of The Three Blind Mice up in the left corner.
I love Humpty Dumpty. He's probably my favorite on here, Hickory, Dickory Dock and you can see the top of Little Boy Blue's head.

Here is the Old Woman in the Shoe.

And a side wise Little Miss Muffett. Now, away I go to make a cute baby girl quilt! I forgot that I used some nursery rhyme fabric to back a quilt for Jake. Maybe I'll post a pic tomorrow of that one.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I've been busy sewing binding on. I actually kind of like binding. It's relaxing and when you are finished, you are finished with your quilt! There's a reward when you are finished.
Now I have two to bind..... and quite a few cats to finish. Good thing there are new things on tv.

Friday, September 18, 2009

My Favorite Applique Method

This week I taught an applique class so I thought I'd post on here the directions to my favorite applique method.

The first thing I do is trace the pattern onto freezer paper. Cut out each individual piece separately.
Next, iron the shiny side of the freezer paper onto light cardboard (I use a cereal box or something of similar weight).
Next iron the shiny side of the freezer paper onto the back of the fabric you are going to be using. Then cut a generous quarter inch around your shape. You want to make sure you leave enough space for the tighter edges.

Once your shape is cut out move it to your ironing board and spray it with spray starch. I just use the cheap kind you can buy at Target for 99 cents.
Place the cardboard shape in the middle of your starched fabric when the starch is still wet. Carefully iron the fabric around the cardboard shape. You will want to clip the inside curves. Keep the cardboard inside the fabric until the starch is completely dry, then carefully remove the cardboard. Now you have the shape you need and your seam allowance stays under for you.
Next lay your pieces out on the background fabric and pin in place with applique pins. Stitch using your favorite applique method. Now, this method is certainly not the only way to prepare to applique. However, I think it is the easiest way to have a nice product that does not have raw edges.

Monday, September 14, 2009

My Favorite Quilt Shops

I love living in Davis County. It's where I grew up and where home truly is. However, one thing I really miss about the almost 4 years I spent in Utah County is the quilt shops. Really, Davis County doesn't have anything great as far as quilt shops go. Utah County has three that I really, really love. We had a family reunion in Spanish Fork this weekend and I got to stop and visit my very favorite quilt shops.

When he saw me taking pictures of the outside of Broadbent's my husband questioned my mental stability. I told him it was for my blog. He asked if I'd be taking pictures of every shop we were visiting. I told him we would be, but then I forgot because I was too excited to get in and swoon over the fabric options not available closer to home. Yes, I did drag my husband and three kids into the quilt shops with me. Don't worry, they love Broadbent's because they have penny (OK let's be honest....nickle) candy. They went to stock up on root beer barrels while I went to see what Broadbent's had to offer.

I needed to look for an idea to make a cute quilt for my new little niece who will be here in January. I always worry when I make quilts for other people. The things I like are not necessarily what my sister-in-law will like. I had also been looking for a pattern to make a tree skirt for my formal tree in the living room. I was going to make a Star of Bethlehem using Quilt Smart, but I found this pattern instead. I think I'll make it out of the Christmas Three Sister's fabric. Broadbent's has lots of QuiltSmart. I had done my Christmas Lone Star Quilt before Broadbent's started selling it and wished shops around there sold more QuiltSmart. Of course just as I was getting ready to move they started selling it. I love traditional quilt blocks and love any short cuts I can find to make them. I had been eyeing this Apple Core pattern online for awhile now. They had the pattern there. I did promise myself I won't start it until my double wedding ring is finished though.
Next I went to American Quilting in Orem. I love all the quilts they have on display there. I also love 30's fabric and they have quite a bit. I really, really wanted to make a cute quilt out of some nursery rhyme fabric. I think the lady said it was called Hey Diddle, Diddle, but she didn't say the name of the company that makes it. They had some in kits, but I didn't want the kit, just the fabric since I already have enough fabric to make the rest of the quilt. They were out of it on the bolt though. If anyone knows which fabric I'm talking about and where I can get it please let me know. American Quilting was super busy as classes were just letting out and just starting. I saw a quilt I wanted to make for my sister-in-law, but wanted to think about it. I loved the quilt, but it was something I am not usually drawn to. I decided I'd come back on my way home from the reunion if that was what I decided I wanted to make.
We headed to Springville to check out Corn Wagon Quilt Company. I love Corn Wagon. They are huge and have a lot of variety. I didn't find what I was looking for, but I did get lots of inspiration for the future.

I'm pretty sure my sister-in-law does not read this quilt blog... however, just in case I'll just show the fabric for this cute quilt. I ended up getting the pattern and the fabric to make the one I saw. I made the first block and it turned out really cute. I may need to make one for my baby girl........

One thing I've noticed since I had a baby girl is that there is tons of cute baby boy fabric and patterns out now! When my boys were born there was very little boy fabric and it wasn't that cute. American Quilting had several darling baby boy quilts and lots of fabric. I was very tempted to make another baby quilt for my 3 and 6 year olds! I also loved this Puppy Love pattern. I'm really, REALLY not an animal person, but I think this turned out so cute. I'm going to have to think about it.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Flea Market Fancy Freaks

Do you love Flea Market Fancy? I do. In fact I have been collecting Flea Market Fancy fabric for only about 6 months now, but I sure don't dare to cut into it. It's been out of print for quite awhile now, but I really wish they would reprint it. The link is a blog to petition to get it reprinted. I sure hope it works!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Projects in the works

I had hoped to have this quilt finished to show you today. I'm having a hard time getting the right tension on my machine though so I had to unpick quite a bit of quilting, which is never fun. The pattern is Sweet Cheeks by Thimble Blossoms, although I didn't do the circles with the flowers. I put them on and it looked too busy with the fabric I chose so I had to peel them off.

My quilting goals for this week include:

Quilt and bind Jake's football quilt (it's been a year)
Work on Black Diamonds so I have enough done I can post a picture on here.
Finish Sweet Cheeks

Ok so these have been my quilting goals for the last few weeks. We'll see how it goes. I also want to paint my living room. We'll see which gets done.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm still here! Having three little kids is busy! I haven't gotten a lot of quilting done lately. I've tried a few projects that haven't quite worked out..... I tried to make some baby shoes with pleats similar to the ones from the Michael Miller baby booty contest last year. I am having the hardest time. I have a pattern, but can't get the top to match the bottom in size once the pleats are in. I'll keep working at it and keep you posted. Let me know if you have any special secrets to do this that I'm missing out on. My last post inspired me to start another hexagon quilt. This time I'm making my shapes into diamonds. I figure one jelly roll will make 20 diamonds and that should be enough for a baby quilt for my granddaughter.... that I'm expecting in 20-30 years. I figure that's about when I'll get this project done. It's been fun to work on though. I like to work on projects when each block is different. I think I just like variety! I used hexagons with 1 inch sides.

Hopefully now that school has started and we are in some sort of routine I can post more often... and get a little more finished!

Monday, August 24, 2009


The other day I was looking at my husband's, cousin's, wife's blog (my cousin-in-law?). She is a photographer and we are in need of a new family picture. I was looking at her photos and came across this little gem. Really, I had no idea she quilted.

Are you drooling? I asked Marcene about this beautiful hexagon quilt. She told me that she pieced it while she was expecting her baby. The hexagons are 1 5/8 inches across. She used a Fig and Plum jelly roll. She hand pieced it and worked on it for 5-8 hours a day for about 3 months! Once it was pieced she and her mom hand quilted it. WOW! I am totally impressed. Look at that binding too. It would take forever to sew the binding around doing the mitered corners every inch or so.

Marcene told me that this quilt is now hanging in the Springville Quilt Show in Springville, Utah.

Now I am totally inspired to start another hexagon quilt in addition to the one I've already started.... I'm thinking I'll use my jelly roll of Mill House Inn. I seriously doubt I'll be done in 3 months though.

Thanks for sharing your quilt with is Marcene!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Save the Clothing!

Has your family had a summer of sickness like my family has? We've spent a lot of time at home this summer because people have had some sort of ailment all summer long! In addition to our newest ones reflux we've had swine flu, 2 sinus infections, stomach flu, a weird fever thing, pleurisy and now I'm waiting for a call from the doctor to see if my 3 year old has tonsillitis. Seriously, isn't this suppose to be the season of good health?

Because we've been home all week with the sick 3 year old I decided to make some more baby bibs. I used my scraps from this quilt. I made a few of these bibs awhile ago and I love them. I think I'm even liking them better than burp clothes. They are super absorbent and do a better job of preventing the neck cheese we all love so much.

I have another bib pattern that I will be trying shortly. I'll post those pictures soon!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Heroes

I've been meaning to make my boys capes for quite awhile now. Boys love to play dress ups just as much as girls.... they just need boy dress ups. I found the tutorial for these capes on Puking Pastilles. The capes are reversible. Superman on one side and Batman on the other. The boys love them.
They had a great time running around in the yard.

Trying to make themselves fly.

Then we had to go back inside because Superman needed a diaper change.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I WON!!!!!

I entered entered the contest The Quilted Fish was having to guess where she was. In all fairness it wasn't too hard. We live in the same state and she was vacationing here so it wasn't too hard. In fact, the very first clue I knew where she was but I didn't put in a guess because I got distracted by my children and then forgot... I made extra sure to guess the second day and I was the second winner!

I won these great Utah treats, cinnamon honey and Mrs. Call's caramels. Who doesn't love those?

I also got to pick two of her darling patterns. I chose Giddy Bloomers and Whoopsy Daisy.
Aren't they darling? I love the yo-yos in Giddy Bloomers and I love the huge daises in Whoopsy Daisy. I feel like I've been given permission to make more girly quilts now that I have a girl. YEAH!!!! Thanks Amanda. It was a very generous prize!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A special blanket for everything!

My project of the day yesterday was this car seat blanket. I've seen two people at the stores since our baby was born who had them and I was curious. I have always had a problem with the blanket in the car seat falling out. It's usually when I'm trying to herd the kids into the store and it falls out in the parking lot. Then it gets dirty and gross. Hopefully it's not raining. I decided to make one myself. I used Timeless Treasures Strawberry Field. for the fabric with a meduim pink ric rac. It was pretty easy to make. We haven't left the house (or the front porch) today because my oldest has the stomach flu. I can't wait to try it out though!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Flutterby Complete!!!!

I was finally able to finish my Flutterby quilt. I ended up having to take my Pfaff into be fixed. It seems to be working well now though! Hopefully it will keep it up.
We have tons of big trees in our yard so everywhere I take pictures there are shadows. I'm not a great photographer in any way. I really like the colors in this quilt. I really like the way it turned out. Now it's off to the wash to make it wrinkly and soft!
So I have posted many times about how much I love 30's repo fabric. On Tuesday I had the rare opportunity to go to the quilt shop alone. I was actually looking for fabric to make a car seat blanket for my 2 month old (can you really believe she's 2 months?). Anyway, this particular shop used to have a wonderful selection of 30's fabric. In fact, when we lived in Saratoga Springs and I woulc dome visit my parents I had to stop in Bountiful every time to look through their 30's fabric. Anyway, I was looking at other fabric when I realized I was where the 30's fabric used to be. I looked around and didn't see it anywhere. I asked about it and they told me they are not going to be carrying it for a few years. Apparently they didn't like what was coming out and so they had a sale (not a great sale, I saw the flier) and got rid of what they had. They may not be carrying it for a few years! I am so disappointed. I really hope this isn't a trend. Please tell me that your local shops are still carrying 30's fabric!

Friday, July 17, 2009


I am currently trying to finish quilts I have already started or quilts I have fabric for. My goal is to not buy more fabric until I use what I already have. Because of this I pulled out my vintage Christmas quilt that was about half way done. I finished the blocks and put them in order. I had noticed that in the pattern there were blocks that were only half blocks on the sides. I rarely read the whole pattern when I make quilts. I figure out how to do the blocks and then just do the rest on my own. Well.... maybe I should start reading the whole thing. I threw some of the scraps away. I am trying to eliminate scraps that are not really big enough to use. Oops! This time I needed them to make the half blocks on the side. I was able to rescue some (others had just left on their way to the dump). Fortunately the trash can in my sewing room is just used for dryer sheets and fabric.... nothing gross. Hopefully this will make me read the whole pattern before I start tossing things.
You can see the half blocks on the end of the second row. What you can't see is that they are pieced with fabrics or the same color, but not exactly the same fabric. The pattern used this too.

Ok, so I did buy more fabric. I had a good excuse. I got some money a few weeks ago for my birthday and I've been wanting to make the Black Diamonds Quilt by American Jane. I've had my eye on this fabric since it was first posted on Moda's site on the Future Fabric Line section. I had waited to buy it though thinking I should use what I had before I bought more. Now it's starting to be gone in some stores so I decided to buy it while I could. I feel like that totally counts, especially since I used birthday money to buy it, right?