Thursday, October 29, 2009

Online Fabric Shopping

This post ended up being much longer than expected. If you just want to read about online fabric shopping skip down below the picture. If you want to know why I haven't been sewing this week please continue.

I haven't gotten much sewing done this week. Mostly because of a mouse. Tuesday morning I woke up at six to workout. I started the workout and what do I hear in the corner? Yep... a mouse. Of course I ran up two flights of stairs, not stopping to put down my weights (at least they were only 5 lbs each) and wake up my husband. He was able to catch the mouse and my 6 year old insisted on taking him to the park to let him go. I saw no signs of another mouse and finished my workout.

During Sesame Street I was upstairs putting my 5 months old down for a nap. My 3 year old was downstairs watching Sesame Street when I heard a shriek and then him yelling "It's alive!" Yes, a mouse had ran right through the center of the family room. It ran through again as I was going over to rescue him. Chaos ensued. I called my dad who came over. We couldn't find the mouse and my dad and I set out for the store to buy mouse traps and D-con.

You may be wondering what this has to do with sewing and online fabric shopping. Well, I'll tell you. After a through search of the premises to look for mouse entries ( I had asked my three year old if he saw the mouse come through a crack in the door. He told me yes. Since I wasn't quite sure if he was just being agreeable I asked if he came through a crack or if he opened the door and walked in. He's quite sure the mouse opened the door and just waltzed right in. ) my husband decided the entry is in my laundry room which doubles as my sewing room. I have been avoiding the room ever since. He sealed up the possible entry. Last night two more mice were caught as we innocently slept. Hopefully there aren't any more and we are done with this. Most of my fabric is up away from mice or in sealed bins, but I do have two cupboards on the floor. I may have my husband take a look in there on Saturday and possibly move the bins.... just to be safe. I've never considered myself afraid of mice before. If we are outside and I see a mouse it's no big deal. However, I do not like them and their germs in my house!

Now, if you are still reading, this is where the online fabric shopping comes in. About the only thing I've done with fabric this week is to buy some online. Lately I have not really liked what I'm seeing at my local fabric shop. It's a nice store and used to be my favorite shop, but I think my taste and their buyer's taste have evolved away from each other. I'm just not feeling motivated. When I go to other shops I love what I'm seeing, but not at this one. Since it's really the only shop in my area I've turned to online shopping. I bought the fabric above from I love that I can type in the name of a fabric line and see what shops have it available and also the price. I can usually find a great sale! I also ordered from American Quilting in Orem this week. I needed the wool to make a stocking for my new little one for Christmas. It's cheaper to buy the wool in the kit than to buy it separately because then I can buy just what I need instead of having to buy larger cuts for just a small little applique piece.

In the past I've ordered from Fat Quarter Shop and Hancock's. I still like to visit shops and see all the inspiration out there, however I just haven't been impressed with the ones near me lately. I'm really liking online fabric shopping for two main reasons. First, it's much easier than taking 3 kids to the quilt shop. Second, I can usually find exactly what I want, even discontinued fabric, on sale. Where do you like to shop online?


Sherri said...

I completely understand about mice...I don't like them one bit...and if some were in my sewing room...I don't know how long it would take me to go back in! I've been doing a lot of shopping on-line too...other than when there are sales/coupons at the shops (and then I mostly buy backs and background fabrics)'s just that the on-line shops get everything so much sooner. I'm going to have to look up the link you gave for on-line deals!

Nedra said...

I've had mice this year, and even a rat. Yikes! My pest control guy has gotten rid of them I think!

Anonymous said...

Just in case you want to know - if a bin is not made of metal, a mouse can chew right through it - found out the hard way on that one.

Also - just for fun - you might want to proofread your second paragraph. There is one word in there that you might want to change - but it does give a good laugh when reading it. :-)

Rae Ann said...

Mice just freak me out! I would much rather see a snake. Hope it is the end of the little bounder.
Thanks for the plug on on-line shopping!

erica e said...

oh man! mice are the worst! we had them in loch lomond and it was horrible! it feels like such an invasion of your home!