Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A project finished (almost)

Once again the time has slipped away from me since my last post. Part of that is because my 4 year old had a septic knee and was in Primary Children's Hospital for 5 days. Three surgeries, two weeks of picc line and one week of oral meds down we are toward the end. Only one week of meds to go and hopefully all this will be cleared up. Last time I posted I showed pictures of our newly painted dining room. I am now in the process of decorating it on a dime. I love to find cheap ways to decorate so that when I'm tired of it, I don't feel guilty finding new decorations. I saw this in the Ballard Design catalog. I loved them because they take up a lot of space on a blank wall, but as you can see they are not exactly decorating on a dime worthy. So I made some myself for about $5. We already had this wood laying around from when my husband fixed our sun room a few years ago. I had him cut it in 12x12 squares for me. Then I painted the edges black.
I found 12x12 scrapbook paper I liked and used spray adhesive to attach the paper to the wood.

And then attached alligator claw hanging things to the back. Of course, this idea wasn't mine. I saw it on several different blogs and one of my friends did it as well. Again, I love the space it takes up!

To the right in the picture you can see the curtains. Curtains are also not decorating on a dime worthy. These ones I found at Home Fabrics for $10 a panel. I went there looking to buy fabric to make my own and found these on clearence. Now I need curtains for my living room. I still kind of want to make them so I can get exactly what I want, but it's looking like making them is as expensive as buying them! Do you have a store that you love that sells home decor fabric? What online stores do you like?