Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cherry Baby Quilt

I finished the binding on this quilt a few days before we moved and am just now getting a chance to post it. Some of the fabric is from the Cherry Baby line, but a lot is just fabric I found that coordinated.

On another note, does anyone know of any good fabric shops in the Layton area? We are now in Fruit Heights and I know there of Threads of Time in Centerville and Quilters Haven (my favorite) in Bountiful, but I don't know of any in this area. Ben Franklin Crafts has some quilt fabric, but mostly holiday stuff and maybe five or six other lines at a time. I want something close to me!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Around the Quilt Block

My friend Anna is having a birthday giveaway at her blog Around the Quilt Block. Make sure you stop by to enter. She's a great quilter and is part of the Prairie Paisley swap some of us are doing. She was also in on my very first swap/ and first quilt too!

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Anne of Green Gables Cookbook

I found a little treasure as I was unpacking this week. My husband gave me the Anne of Green Gables Cookbook a few years ago, before we moved to Saratoga Springs. I am a huge Anne fan. My roommate Rebecca had this in college and I loved it. I knew I had some cookbooks stored away and looked through them again as we moved. I need to try some of these recipes. It has classic Anne recipes like raspberry cordial, Anne's liniment cake, Marilla's plum pudding and the carmal pudding sauce that goes with it, without the mouse.
I need to go on vacation to Prince Edward Island. I'd love to see everything there. I'd love to play the Lady of Shallott, just like Anne, and see the Lake of Shining Waters.
I should be getting my sewing room set up shortly. I have quite a few things to do before I can get to sewing again. Can't wait to be done unpacking!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Everyday Food Storage

So my neighbor (for the next 3 days) across the street started a blog called Everyday Food Storage. She was featured on channel 2 news on Monday with one of her recipes for Utah's Own Downhome Foods Contest. Click the link below to vote for hers:

Friday, August 8, 2008

Bow Ties and Yo-Yos

It's not often I finishe up two quilts in one day. This bow tie quilt I started about 3 years ago. I had seen this border on another quilt I liked so I decided to try it here. This was in my beginning quilting days and I had never done needle turn applique. Needless to say, the leaves are not great. Or even good. I ended up doing most of the leaves by machine. I quilted it several months ago. Today I found it and decided to finish up the binding. I am a little nervous about washing it though because the leaves I needle turned do not look too stable. Also, has anyone washed yo-yos in the washing machine? How did they hold up?

It's Halloween!

I finished this Halloween quilt last year the week of Halloween. I didn't get around to binding it until last night. I needed a break from moving and closing on both this house and the new one have been put off a few days. My kids are excited for the quilt and are sure I made it just for them! It's a throw size, but I saw a baby quilt that was the same idea at American Quilting at shop hop last year and made something similar in lap size so we could all enjoy it. Here is a picture of the center fabric. I noticed that Michael Miller fabrics has reprinted this same fabric and it's back in the stores this year!
Tonight I hope to start binding my Cherry Baby quilt during Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. I've had it quilted for about 6 weeks now. It's always fun to delete things from my "to do" list.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


It's quilted and the binding's on. I'm done!