Monday, August 25, 2008

The Anne of Green Gables Cookbook

I found a little treasure as I was unpacking this week. My husband gave me the Anne of Green Gables Cookbook a few years ago, before we moved to Saratoga Springs. I am a huge Anne fan. My roommate Rebecca had this in college and I loved it. I knew I had some cookbooks stored away and looked through them again as we moved. I need to try some of these recipes. It has classic Anne recipes like raspberry cordial, Anne's liniment cake, Marilla's plum pudding and the carmal pudding sauce that goes with it, without the mouse.
I need to go on vacation to Prince Edward Island. I'd love to see everything there. I'd love to play the Lady of Shallott, just like Anne, and see the Lake of Shining Waters.
I should be getting my sewing room set up shortly. I have quite a few things to do before I can get to sewing again. Can't wait to be done unpacking!


Anna M. said...

Where did you husband get that cookbook??? I want one! I, too, am a huge Anne fan. Hope that you are enjoying your new home and getting settled in. How does Caleb like school?

By the way...we miss you in the neighborhood. =(

Silver Scissor said...

I think he got it online. I just checked Amazon and they have it there.

Ulla said...

I just read all the Anne books a few summers ago. - I hope you are settling fine to your new home.

Rebecca Wood said...

I didn't know you remembered that! I'm glad you got it out.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome little Anne treasure! If you do get a chance to hit Prince Edward Island, you will love it. I actually dragged my husband there on our honeymoon...can you believe he agreed? We crusied around the whole island for about 2 weeks. It was so magical seeing Lucy Maude Montgomery's beloved Isle. We did do some "boy" things like a chartered deep sea fishing trip, but mostly we visited all the "Green Gables" stuff we could. And the roads really are bright RED dirt!