Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November RS Quilt

Alright RS quilters! It's getting time to wrap up our monthly quilt class. I told everyone last month that I won't be able to do it this month as we are finalizing our adoption that day and sealing our baby later in the week. This month I'm posting two blocks for us to do. The first one is called Card Trick. Click on the word to find the page. This page has a pattern and tutorial.

The second block is called Corn and Beans. Both these blocks use the sub blocks we've already learned. I haven't had a chance to make mine and may not until the end of the month, but I'll post a pic when I get them done.

The plan for the rest of the class is that we will do two blocks in both January and February. By March we will have 12 blocks for a lap size quilt. We'll come in March with our blocks finished and set in a quilt top. In March I'll show you how to prep your quilt to quilt it yourself on your machine if people want to do that. Feel free to send your quilt out to be quilted though! In April we will learn how to bind.

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