Thursday, November 20, 2008

Less and less....

My finished quilt top pile is down to only three. Yeah!!! I have one that's a latice type top made from Fig Tree's Urban Indigo. I probably will not be finishing that one any time soon though unless I decide to give it as a Christmas gift. However, my husband said our parents have too many homemade things so we need to buy them something, not make something for Christmas. In my opinion you can never have enough quilts, but his family, his choice of gifts. I've started something different for my mom. The second in this pile is made mostly of Amy Butler fabric. I made the top a year and a half ago. I really do like it and I especially LOVE the fabric I got for the back, but I've never quilted it. The bottom one is the pinwheel spin. I think that is the next to be quilted. The fabric is discontinued though so I'm hoping I have enough to piece a back. Otherwise I'll do the Amy Butler one.

This is Jelly Stars on the quilt frame. Should be completely quilted in a half hour (just taking a little break now). If my headache goes away before 8:30 I'll start binding tonight too..... maybe. I should finish the flower I'm working on. Also, Thursday is Office night. That is one show I just sit and watch. I love it!
Thanks to all those of you who gave advice on Pretzel Party. I think I won't be starting that quilt any time soon. It does sound hard. Also, I looked under Pattern Corrections on the site and it said to call for help! That sounds like a headache in the making!

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Natalie said...

you are amazing! Look at you go!! :)