Monday, November 3, 2008

Turning Over a New Leaf

Tonight I've been quilting my Cotton Blossoms quilt. I've decided before I start any new quilts I need to quilt the ones I have. I got a back and binding for my pinwheel spin I finished in April. Hopefully I will get that done in the next week or so. I also need to get boarders on my grandma's album quilt. I've had the backing for a long time, maybe a year? I just need to do it. My problem is that when I finish a quilt top I tend to be so excited to start the next project I don't totally finish. I would rather buy fabric for a new top then a back. I also don't love the actual quilting part although I kind of like binding. Last, I really don't like my Pfaff. However, that is all going to stop now! I am making a goal to finish my quilt tops pile before I start anything new. Good thing for me my quilt piecing list is quite long!


Sherri said...

I'm with you...I'd rather buy fabric for or start a new top than buy the back! How awesome that you can do your own quilting, though! Oh, and Cotton Blossoms is the best!

erica e said...

oh, yeah, fabric for a new quilt is much more fun. i hate buying backing. mostly because its so darned expensive!
i love getting quilts all finished though. its such a great feeling to stitch the last of the binding on and to take it out of the dryer for the first, wrinkley time.

The Demanding Doll said...

What a relief to hear someone else say this out loud. I'm a make all the tops you can person, like and don't like the quilting part depending on my mood, and also like putting on bindings.

Bet this is more common than we think.