Friday, November 21, 2008

Fabulous Finds

Today I went on a little fabric hunt. I really want Michael Miller's Retro Rocket Rascals.
I don't know what I'd make of it, but I love it. Something for my boys. Anyway, there are a few shops that have older fabric so I wanted to see if any of those had some. None of them did, but I did find quite a few other things.

I bought this car fabric by Alexander Henry. Again, not sure what I'll do, but it seems boy fabric is rare so I buy it when I can.

I found these fabrics by Denyse Schmidt. They are pieces from Flea Market Fancy. I love this line, but didn't pay much attention to it until recently. Now I'm on a quest to find more of it. If anyone knows of stores online or the Wasatch Front that still have some, please leave a comment and let me know!

Along those lines..... I had never been to the store I went to today. I had heard of it awhile ago but it's not in the area I live. A few weeks ago I was at another quilt shop and heard someone say they knew someone who liked a store, she couldn't remember the name, but said the owner was super grouchy. The store clerk knew exactly what store she was talking about. I decided to try it anyway today, boys in tow. I did warn them that they needed to be super good before we went in. Anyway.... this lady was in a good mood today. The reason I had decided to go was when I was at another shop I met a lady from my neighborhood I know. She told me to go and what a great store it was. She did warn me about the owner though. She had just been there and did mention that she seemed in a decent mood today. So we get there and she wasn't' too bad. As I was having her cut my fabric I said how glad she was that she had some and I'd been looking for it online because I hadn't been able to find it in stores. She didn't really say anything about that for awhile. She had a guy from Alexander Henry there and he started talking to her. Then she said to him ( but really to me) something about how young quilters now look online for all their fabric so she didn't know if she should bother buying any from him because it takes away from her business. Then she gave me "the look." I thought it was kind of funny.

I also bought this magazine. It's the Summer 2008 edition of Quilts and More. For whatever reason (possibly involved in a move?) I didn't see this when it came out. I was immediately attracted to this quilt on the cover. I love it.

Here it is on the inside. I may do it in Sandy Henderson's Farmer's Market.

I loved these Grandmother's Flower Garden coasters. Don't know if I'd really let someone with a cup of hot chocolate put it on a hand pieced coaster, but they look great! Then again, I love this pattern.
This is the fabric I have for my Amy Butler quilt I was talking about in my past post. I bought some for the back, but the store only had 3 or 4 yards left so I was going to do it in the middle with Moda's Essential Dots in brown on either side. I was so excited to see this today so I bought two more yards. Now maybe the quilt will finally get quilted. I love the big, bold print.... makes a perfect back. It's from Amy Butler's Belle line. Probably from 2006.

Can't wait to get quilting!


Nicole said...

I have a scrap of that Michael Miller Retro Rocket and have been trying to find more. I love it!! I also love that quilt in the Summer Quilts and fact a beautiful version of it is on my lap! :) My friend made it for my for my 30th birthday this summer. Well a smaller version, 30 patches for my 30th. I think it would be adorable in Farmers Market!

Nedra said...

I love the Mothers Flower Garden coasters! I am teaching a MFG in February at Bryce, and I will just have to show them that picture.

Anna M. said...

Hi Elizabeth! I love that car fun! Also, I've been catching up on your past posts and noticed that you're looking for Pretzel Party. I have the pattern (haven't made it yet...have all the fabric though) and you are welcome to borrow it. I think I remember you mentioning once that you can only make the same pattern once, so next time you're in the area, stop by and pick it up...or I can mail it to you! Hope all is well! Sorry for the novel comment! =)

Julia said...

What a great idea!...I love the Mothers Flower Garden coasters.
That looks like a great book to have, will have to check it out..

belinda said...

loved this post!!....if this quilt shop lady treats all her customers this way no wonder people had rather shop on line. i just don't understand shop owners...i have been a small shop owner myself and was ALWAYS thrilled when someone came in.....i rolled out the red carpet!!!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

You are contributing to my fabr/quilting ADD! So many cute fabric/pictures and projects.