Monday, November 10, 2008

The Pfaff Strikes Again

If you've been reading my blog for long you know how much I LOVE my Pfaff (insert sarcasm here)! Well, last night it was up to it's old tricks again. This is a fairly new machine. I bought it new two years ago and only use it for quilting my quilts. I have a Bernina that I ADORE (no sarcasm) that I do piecing and regular sewing on. Last night my darning foot wore out! Feet are not suppose to wear out! It kept slipping so that my needle would go right onto the little plate and break! I had my husband, who can fix anything, look at it. He said a part on the back was worn down. I had my husband take the foot in today (there is a Pfaff store near his work in Salt Lake) and show them. They said they have never seen one do that before. They were nice enough to replace the foot for free. Maybe all my Pfaff problems are are just a lemon of a machine? Who knows, but it has tension trouble too. I thought it was fixed once, but it's back again. Ahhhhh! I am so thankful to my husband for braving the sewing machine store for me! Once I needed to go and I told him I we were going to an electronic store while we were running errands (electronic sewing machines totally count as electronics). Being a computer junkie he was up for it. He wasn't sure why I needed to go to an electronic store, but let me give him directions anyway. Apparently sewing machines don't count in his book! He also hates shopping, but stopped by the fabric shop with me on Saturday. He claims shopping of any kind makes him fall asleep. He thinks it might be a disease.
Yes, it was the dreaded quilt shop. I left the kids with my parents. Hopefully the ladies wouldn't recognize me without them. Everything turned out fine. I bought the green with red for a binding for the quilt I'm now quilting, the brown is binding for jelly stars and the blue is the start of my collection for a block swap with my friends. We're making a blue and cream two color quilt.


Miri said...

I think its incredible your foot wore out-you must do an awful lot of quilting :) My Husquavarna also has its quirks and I've had to replace the plate (where the hole is the needle goes in)-I didn't get how that could need replacing either.

Kristin Barrus said...

I love my Pfaff, I'm so sorry you're having problems. They usually last longer than we do!

Tina said...

My husband has that disease, unless it's a store that sells digital things. Then he's all like a kid.

I love my Bernina too! I'm glad you got the new foot for free.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog ... I check in often. Your 2 year old's diaper story was hilarious. If I were you I would proudly walk into the store. If those ladies haven't had their own similar experience, they need to appreciate the joys of living vicariously! My niece proudly picked up her dress and pottied (#2) on the side walk at her Dad's brother's wedding. Makes for great laughs. You do BEAUTIFUL work!
Suzanne (even though my husband's pic shows up)