Friday, December 26, 2008

A Very Quilty Christmas

It was a very quilty Christmas at our house. That's the way I like it! I got these notions: Perfect circles, I have the smaller ones and needed the bigger ones for some upcoming projects, cherry Best Press and Ginger pinking shears. I can't wait to pink something! Last weekend we had a family party with my husband's dad's family. I received these Fig Tree patterns I've been wanting. I am really having to try to hold back from diving right in. There's one that uses 1/4 yard cuts, one for a layer cake, one for Moda's new honey buns, and one for jelly rolls. I can't wait! However, if you look to your right you will notice the LONG list of things I need to finish up first. Why did I ever set that goal for myself????
I bought this book and gave it to Jeff to give to me for Christmas several weeks ago. I love it. It has tons of fun, simple patterns in it for things around the house. These are some of my favorite:

A basket liner.

Table runner. It also has an ironing board cover, lamp shades, bath mat and tons of other things I can't wait to get started on. Hopefully you will see my projects currently in progress list deleting fast!

I also bought these jelly rolls for myself probably before Thanksgiving. I like to chose my own fabric so it was handed to my husband for him to keep until Christmas. It's 1974 and Recess.
I also got the Persian Pickle Club, which I love. I've read it before and decided I needed to own it. I don't usually reread books, but this one is worth reading again.
I hope you all had a very merry Christmas!


Mel said...

Glad you had a fun Christmas! You've got some fun quilty things to keep you busy!

erica e said...

Merry Christmas! Looks like you got some fun stuff! I love that you bought stuff to 'give' to Jeff to 'give' to you. :)

belinda said...

ooouuuu....good quilty fabric goodness!!!