Friday, December 5, 2008

A Major Prize, A Major Prize, I Won, I Won, I Won!!!!

I feel just like the dad in A Christmas Story today. The part where he wins his "major prize," the beautiful leg lamp. The best thing is my prize is much better (and not nearly as tacky) as that gorgeous lamp. My prize from Camille's drawing at Thimble Blossoms came in the mail today! These are the three patterns I chose. Wild Thing, Jelly Filled, and Sweet Cheeks. I was so excited about the Sweet Cheeks pattern and that it comes with a bib pattern. I've been so baby hungry lately! We've had four or five adoption leads since about July. None of them have worked out, but I am itching to make baby stuff. I don't want to indulge myself though until it actually happens, but I cannot wait to make the little bib, and one of each outfit of course!

Wild Thing uses two charm packs. I've never used charm packs because I haven't been sure what to do with them. I'm excited that this one makes a throw size and uses charm packs. I can't wait to get started!

Jelly Filled uses a jelly roll, of course! I'll tell you a little secret...... I've bought a few things for myself for Christmas. I've given them to my husband so he can wrap them and give them to me. I realize he is suppose to pick what he gives me but let's be honest.... I help him match his clothes. When he gets the kids dressed in the morning he comes up with some interesting outfits. It's probably best I chose my own fabric. One of the things I've given to him to stash away is a 1974 jelly roll. I think this will be a fun pattern to make it in.

Camille also sent two other great surprises in the mail. Two charm packs! One is At Water's Edge by Blackbird Design.
Friends and Flowers is the other charm pack. What a great mail day I had! Thanks so much Camille!


belinda said...

well.....lucky you.....oh, i'll take anything you want to send my way....let me just get you my address.............

Natalie said...

Congrats! Thats exciting and I agree you have to buy yourself a few Christmas presents. :)

Anna M. said...

You are so lucky! Congratulations on winning such a wonderful prize...or should I say prizes! =)