Monday, December 8, 2008

The Holiday Spirit?

So most people are catching the holiday spirit about now. In Quilt World that means finishing up handmade gifts. For me that should mean starting and finishing the stuffed frogs for my boys and making a Christmas tree skirt for our living room tree. Instead I seem to have the baby spirit. I am so baby hungry! I have never before made or bought anything until we had a baby announcement for fear it would never come. We Caleb we had 3 weeks notice and with Jake we had 11 days. I'm good with that. I would even love to get the call saying they had a baby for us, come pick it up right then. 10 minutes notice works well for me. All you need is a car seat! I feel like the grandparents would probably be willing to run to the store for us in case of emergency. After all, they have a vested interest in this, don't you think?

This time I can't help myself. I have a few patterns for baby quilts. I've been eyeing fabric for either boy or girl. But today I actually did it. I just broke down and made this bib out of Valentine scraps from last year. I tried to make it not look too Valentiny. I got the pattern on JCasa. I now want to go make more. Do I dare? Or should I wait? I feel like I'm counting my chickens before they are hatched.
Of course Jake needed to try it on. Well.... I'm off to check available adoption listings on the Internet. That's where I found Jake. The Internet. The Internet really does have everything.

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belinda said...

..if you make it....they will come