Monday, January 12, 2009

Lemon Twist- Check

I finished binding my Lemon Twist quilt last night. I don't love the quilt, but I ended up loving the binding. I didn't think I would like it very much until I was actually binding it. It was a good use of my 30's yellow and green scraps, but I didn't realize when I started how small it was. I'm going to have to start checking the finished size before I start. Also, the pattern had a scrappy border, but I felt like it looked too busy so I just did the green dots. Here's Jake's usual picture with the quilt.

I also finished the top of the Merry Go Round quilt. Hopefully I can get it quilted during nap time today. I'm not really sure how to do the binding. I'm thinking I pivot on the inside point and do a regular mitered turn on the outside point. Any ideas?


Sherri said...

I do love the yellow binding! And I'm making the "Merry Go Round" quilt right now,'s taking longer than I expected!

Nedra said...

I like your lemon twist quilt. And I agree, terrific binding. Looking forward to seeing the finished Merry Go Round.