Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jelly Stars... Check!!!

I've had this quilted and ready to bind for a long time. I got busy on my appliqued flowered quilt and didn't get around to binding until last night. The pattern is called Jelly Stars from Fig Tree Quilts. The fabric is Dandelion Girl also by Fig Tree Quilts.

The star on the bottom right looks like I have a lighter line going through each piece. It doesn't look like that in real life though and it wasn't planned. It just shows up like a stripe on camera.

I used a little different method for binding this time. I found a tutorial on Anka's Treasures and did it her way. It really was fast and now I want to bind another quilt so that I can try it again before I forget.
Here it is from a different angle without the arm of the chair in the way.
Today I plan to finish the top of Merry Go Round. I finished the top for Lemon Twist, but it's snowing and I'm out of binding so they may stay unquilted until June or whenever the snow melts. Time to start thinking about the next project!
It's either going to be my Flutterby jelly roll with this pattern, or something from my 1974 jelly roll... but I doubt it, I haven't found the perfect pattern for it yet ( any ideas are welcome:)) . It could possible be this pattern out of Charisma charm packs. I also have this pattern with a Receess jelly roll, but this is probably not next as it's made using the same method as Merry Go Round. It will probably wait a few months.


Mel said...

Very pretty quilt! Beautiful colors!

erica e said...

this is beautiful! are you happy with it? you are so prolific! i've slowed down a bit. but i feel myself getting the itch again!

Anna M. said...

That quilt turned out beautifully! I like the stripe that shows up on the camera! =)

cornbreadandbeansquilting said...

The quilt is beautiful! When are you sending it to me? heheheh