Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How do you feel about purple?

So the pictures aren't the greatest. The color looks a little grey in the first one. I'm almost done with my appliqued flower quilt. I've got 17 done and need 20. I'm hoping I can finish by this weekend and then start on the sashing. I think I'm going to go with purple. I can't decide if I should use the same purple for an outer border, or if I should use a print.
Here is a picture of the pattern. You can see that the first one has a patterned border and a scrappy border in between the sashing and the border. If you scroll down there is a baby sized one with no scrappy border. The outer border is still patterned, but I like it better than the first. I'm wondering if I did the scrappy border and then did more purple or should I find an outer border I like better. What do you think?


Sherri said...

I like the purple...but I would definitely find a print for the outer border. The blocks are gorgeous, by the way!

Anna M. said...

Hard decision! I like the purple...and I think of the two samples in the link, I like the bottom one best. Great job on the applique! =)

erica e said...

i don't like the scrappy border in the pattern picture. i love the purple you've picked though. i think the scrappy border just looks out of place.