Thursday, October 9, 2008

The quilt that keeps going, and going, and going..........

A few days ago I made this little dish towel. I need a few more Halloween decorations and thought this would be quick and easy. On another note..... don't you love almond appliances? Welcome to the 80's.
Today I've been working on quilting Caleb's football quilt. When I bought the kit at American Quilting it said it was 60x84. I knew it was close to a twin, but not quite. I asked the girl working what size a twin quilt was and she told me 86x102. Well.... that sounded kind of big, but I figured she was the professional and knew what she was doing. The quilt at the store and also the kit did not have boarders so I added some making them the bigger size. I bought enough backing for a twin size quilt. I layed it out and ummmmm..... what happened to my twin quilt? It's now a full, or so I thought. I bought some more backing. I'm planning on getting the boys bunk beds when Jake is out of a crib so I figured the quilt will probably be tucked in on the sides. Well.... I bought enough batting for two full size quilts. One for Jake and one for Caleb. I just added some of Jake's to Caleb's. I'm not going to do the boarders on Jake's unless I need to add just a tiny bit to make it fit a twin so I figured I should still have enough, but as I'm quilting this thing I feel like it keeps going and going. There is no end to this thing. Actually, I only have the bottom boarder left to quilt, but needed to make a phone call before I forgot and then ended up adding this post. Tonight I'll be binding.
Here's my Pfaff. This is machine I do my quilting on. I use my Bernina for piecing. I really do not like the Pfaff. I know some people love them, but mine is only 2 years old and I just hate it. It does not keep the tension so I am constantly having to adjust it. It's just really finicky. Are all Pfaffs like this or did I just get a lemon?

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Stephanie said...

Cute tea towel. I have a Pfaff which I love many things about, especially the built in walking foot and the needle down feature; it's over 15 years old but I do have tension troubles.