Thursday, October 2, 2008

Do I like it?????

I started the Merry Go Round Quilt this morning. I noticed it's different than the original pattern from American Jane. This one is one that American Jane printed in McCall's Quilting. It only has two strips where the original one has three. Oh well! Less points to patch up. I have mixed feelings opening a new jelly roll. It looks so nice and cute curled up with the ribbon. Who am I interrupt that? I get excited though to see the full strip of each piece of fabric since when it's rolled up you can only see a tiny piece.
Here are my first few strips sewn together and cut into triangles. It's kind of labor intensive. I'm not a big fan of sewing a little and then cutting and then sewing again, but it's so much better in this new house where I can sew and cut in the same room. In our old house I sewed upstairs in the loft and cut on the main floor on my center island. Even having my sewing and cutting on the same floor would have been a plus.
I just had to put a few hexagons together. I love the happy bright colors in this line.
However, I'm not sure about this one. I don't know that I want the black in there. Do you think it will make it look too dark and take away from the cheeriness with the blacks in? I like a little black, but this one and one other strip I'm a little worried about. What do you think? Also I don't love the biggest print that's in the center here. It looks really scrunched in such small pieces. The colors are nice, but I'm not sure about using it.
Here is the opposite hexagon. It doesn't look so bad here. You can see more of other larger print fabric and the black is more of an accent color. What do you think? Would you throw out the pieces with black backgrounds? Would you toss the pieces with the bigger print in the center? Far away those will look fine, but I'm not sure how great it will look up close. Help! I need your opinion.


Nedra said...

I have this pattern and it's on my line up of things I want to do soon! I love it! And you're doing a great job.

Nedra said...

Oops..I meant to also say that I think the black will look fine in there. Just make sure to balance it out with other blacks.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Its going to be really really cute! I can't wait to use my layer cakes of that fabric. I made the 3 strip hex quilt. I think I told you I got a little sick of it towards the end. This might go faster. I like snappy! Finish stuff! I need to relish the pleasure more I guess. But it is a fun quilt and when it is done and quilted it makes a huge statement, even the blocks you aren't so sure about work out.

erica e said...

i really like the black in it. so i would definitely NOT throw the black backgrounds out. the large print doesn't look as good as the center BUT i really wouldnt' worry about it. in the whole quilt it isn't going to be a problem at all. this is going to be a wonderful quilt!

Anna M. said...

It's looking good, Elizabeth! I like the black in there...I think the black will look more evened out when it's all finished...instead of just the little pieces right now. In my house, I sew upstairs in one of our empty bedrooms and cut downstairs on my center island too. Makes for lots of running up and down...but hey, that may be the only exercise I get sometimes! =)

Anna M. said...

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