Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Grandma's Flowers Update

I was going to wait to post until I was half way done, 10 flowers done and 10 left. My goal for that was after the second session last Sunday of General Conference. Well..... that didn't happen. During the first session on Saturday I got a late start as I got kids quieted down and then took a break as I got the kids something to occupy their mouths so I could listen. Then we went to my parents during the last session on Sunday and I didn't get a thing done. So here I am with only 9 blocks done and 11 to go. This last week was spent binding the football quilt instead of applique. This week I have a book club tonight (well, it used to be book club, but then we realized we don't actually read the book assigned so now we don't even bother pretending anymore, we just eat dinner and talk), tomorrow I have caramel apple dipping for Relief Society so it will be Thursday before I get any more applique started, but The Office is on and that is the one show that I watch without any hand work.

Anyway, I'm liking this much better than I thought I would. I thought it would be a chore but I loved the quilt so much I was willing to do it. I'm really liking it though. It is kind of a lot of prep though to starch each piece but then it's done and I'm ready to stitch. It does seem to go pretty fast too. I think I may do purple sashing. Haven't decided on a border yet. I don't love the top, middle flower. It think the fabric is a little too busy, but I think I'll probably leave it in. I think the ones look best with just a white pattern on them. Also, I keep buying more 30's fabric. I'm addicted. I love it.


The Demanding Doll said...

Too cute. I like 30's prints too. The running stitch outline on the flowers, stem and petals really make them stand out. Nice job.


Anna M. said...

It's coming along beautifully, Elizabeth! I think you are wonder woman...you always seem to get so many things done in a day! =)

Nedra said...

Beautiful work on the applique flowers. Your conference experience sounds like mine. I had visualized in my mind being able to get so much done with sitting for 8 hours, and somehow that didn't happen. We tend to pop up a lot and take care of others, don't we?

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

They are just lovely. I thing they are so incredibly sweet. Isn't that the way things go though - you set aside a time to do something and the time just doesn't fit the task, or things interrupt. Oh well, thats family life for you.