Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Piece of Cake

I finished my Piece of Cake top tonight. I always get anxious to finish and start my next project. I also had a hard time cutting into my border fabric. I just wanted to hang out with it a little longer and feel it. I decided to take a picture. For whatever reason I don't like to put borders on. It's probably because I'm so anxious to start on the next thing that I don't want to spend the time. Silly, really. My new rule for myself is I have to finish the whole top, including borders before I start the next. I would add have it quilted too, but sometimes I have to wait for a fabric sale to be able to afford the backing.

Here's the finished quilt top. The picture is a little dark. I just love the colors in it. It's perfect for fall with the greens, browns and oranges. And the blue looks great too.

Jake needed me to take one last picture. He loves to be in the spotlight. He gets quite offended if I take a picture without him in it. Today my American Jane triangle rulers came in the mail. I've decided I'm going to do the Recipe for Friendship jellyrolls in the Merry Go Round Pattern. I'm excited to try it out! I had my Jelly Stars all lined up for next, but I'm bumping them back one. Really, I should probably do it next. I found some fabric at American Quilting a few weeks ago from the line on clearance and bought the back so I just need binding fabric. Oh, well.... I have it for later.


erica e said...

i LOVE that cake quilt. i have really been into summery, bright fabrics lately and this is the first quilt i've seen that has made me want to shift to a fall palette. as always, i love your taste and style.

Nedra said...

I love the fall colors on your quilt. And tell your son he makes the quilt even cuter!

belinda said...

hi elizabeth.....i'm glad you came over for a visit......are you in the cottage swap over at freda's hive?? cottage with the picket fence is some fabric i have had for about 9 yrs.....finally found a good use for it......don't you think!!!

Anna M. said...

That quilt top turned out really cute...and you're right it IS perfect for fall! =)