Wednesday, October 22, 2008

American Patchwork and Quilting

I've become a big fan of quilting magazines. I feel like I'm getting several patterns for cheaper than the price of one. I suscribe to America Patchwork and Quilting. I was anxiously awaiting my December issue, which comes in October. It didn't come. Then I realized it was probably delivered to our old house. We did leave a forwarding address, but when things slip through the new owowners are not sending it on. Anyway, I bought this issue since it had several Christmas projects in it. I think called and made sure they had the correct address. They were very nice at APQ, even volunteering to send the one I missed. Since I had already bought it they will extend my subscription!

This issue has a feature on one block quilts. I really like this one. The pattern is simple, but I like the qult as a whole. This is an antique quilt with fabrics dating from 1840-1870.

I love anything Fig Tree. Here is a Fig Tree Quilt made with pieces of several different Fig Tree lines. Such a simple quilt, but I love it.

I would really like to make these stockings. They are so cute. Two years ago I made these stockings. I liked them because I can do a different one for each family member, but they coordinate. They are from Under the Garden Moon, which is owned by the owner of American Quilting in Orem. I made two more, but I apparently don't have a picture of them. I also have the patterns for more in hopes of future children that may join our family.

While I was looking for the stocking pictures I found a picture of one of the tree skirts I made last year. I put this on one of my family room trees. I like to put more crafty/homemade looking decorations on it and then I have a formal living room tree. I made another tree skirt as a gift out of a charm pack. I need to find fabric I like for a more formal tree skirt for the living room.


Anna M. said...

I subscribe to that magazine too and this last issue was my most favorite one ever! I think i've dogeared most projects in it! Can't wait to see your projects finished. Hope all is well. =)

Catherine said...

There's something about one block quilts that can be quite mesmerizing as one looks around it at all the different fabrics. Love the picture of that one!

Kristin Barrus said...

I love that fig tree flying geese one. Someone was really thinking. No wonder they put it on the cover!

Nicole said...

I need to subscribe. I buy most issues anyway. I wish they would offer subscriptions to Quilts and More too. I missed the last issue of that and I am so bummed!

I love that tree skirt. I don't know why I haven't made myself one yet!