Monday, September 8, 2008

Organizing my sewing room

Be prepared to see some very messy pictures of my sewing room. As my husband and I were looking for houses one of the things that got me excited about a house was the laundry room. Laundry room? Well, if it was big enough I could use it to sew! That's what my plan is for this laundry room.

In our old house we had a loft. I had a desk with my sewing machine set up on top. I had my fabric in these bins. When we found this house I planned on putting the bins in these cupboards. However, the cupboards are not big enough for the bins. So today I've spent a good portion of the day sorting fabric and putting it on shelves. This is some of my Christmas fabric and next to it is other holiday fabric.
This is the other side of the room. You can see the washer and dryer..... If those weren't a necessity I'd get rid of them. I need more room for fabric. I have to put the laundry detergent on the dryer. The other day I was sewing something and my two year old decided the laundry detergent was kind of like a small sandbox. He used the scoop like a shovel and started dumping it on the floor. Now it is on top of the dryer instead of in a cupboard. Anyway, I will use this big counter to put my cutting mat on.... when I get it cleared of other misc. craft stuff. There are cupboards under the counter. Those are the ones I had planned on putting the bins in. They aren't wide enough though.
This is the first cupboard I showed. The laundry room has a built in desk which is perfect for a sewing machine. It has three large drawers which I am using for fat quarters and scraps that are too small to fold with the other fabric. I had to hurry the other day and make a baby gift and I got out just what I needed and it left the desk a mess. Can't wait to get it cleared and organized. I am still in the planning process of organizing. If you have any suggestions of what to keep where let me know!
One of my favorite things about this room is it opens into the basement family room which we are using as a playroom for now. We don't need two family rooms as our kids are only 5 and 2 so we are using the downstairs one for a playroom. My boys can play right by me while I sew. Or I'll think they're in the playroom and really they'll be dumping my laundry detergent. At least I will be able to hear them.


Nedra said...

Isn't moving fun? Not! When my kids were little they loved to play in the laundry detergent. Your story brought back several memories.

Anna M. said...

What a great, big laundry room! It's going to look so great when you get your fabric organized. Hope you are enjoying the new house! =)