Monday, September 22, 2008

Football Fever

It's football fever at my house as I'm finishing Caleb's football quilt. I need to quilt it, but my frame is not set up yet in this house. Hopefully this week sometime so I can take it to the quilt show. Also, our camera is broken and beyond repair. Not sure what happened, so until we can get a replacement here is an online picture of the football fabric. As I mentioned before, we are not football fans. In fact, I have no idea who won the Super Bowl this year or even who was playing. Also, I really don't care. It's hard to find boy fabric. Blue or brown fabric is easy to find, but it's hard to find that doesn't have some type of flowers on it so we settled for football. I have about 10 inch blocks of this football fabric with 4 patches in between. For Caleb's I have a red border with white dots and Jake's is blue with white dots. This big football fabric is the outer border. I let Caleb pick the backing on his quilt. He wanted flannel so it was soft. He chose a Robot print. Welll..... the colors are similar and it's on the back so I let him get it.

Here's the outer border.

This is my next project. I had planned on making a new quilt for our bed with this fabric, but when I saw it all I went crazy and bought a layer cake and this pattern instead. I may do it before I start Jake's quilt. He's still in a crib and can't use it anyway. Caleb was in a bed long before this age, but Jake would leave. As soon as he heard us walk down the stairs he would get up and either play in his room or follow us. That's the type of little character he is. That is also why he'll be in a crib for a little while longer. Fortunatly he's also very short and is not tall enough to climb out of the crib. He's tried though.

I love everything about the Cotton Blossoms line. I can't wait to start this and the colors are not what I would usually choose so that's even better. I love doing something different and I love these colors. I can't for their next line to come out.


Anna M. said...

I love the Cotton Blossoms line too. I bought one of the patterns for it...I can't remember the has stripes (good for jelly rolls), a flower applique, and a monogram of the letter could I NOT want it! =)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Football is very popular at my house too. But mostly its my 18 year old - that had to have a football quilt years ago. I love all Camille and her mom's stuff too.