Thursday, September 18, 2008


Do all little boys love fabric this much? I started quilting when my little Caleb was not quite 2 years old. I started because I needed a quilt for his big boy bed and couldn't find one I liked. I've been addicted ever since. Not long after I started and before I finished his quilt I was invited by a girl in my ward to be in a shoo fly swap. I also signed up for a row of the month class. I only bought a little fabric at a time for Caleb's quilt. That's when it started. During my search for the perfect fabric for his quilt. He would see us pull up at The Quilting Cottage ( before I discovered Broadbent's) and he would say in a frustrated voice "Oh! Frabic!" It took awhile to convince him that we love fabric. I'm still working on that one.

A couple weeks ago my dad came over and we were going to take some branches we'd pruned from our yard to the dump. On our way out to the truck Jake started to stink. I took him back in, but he wasn't quite finished yet. When Caleb decided it was taking too long he told my dad it must be because I was looking at fabric and they better come in to and get me or I'd never come out. Apparently he thinks everything that takes a long time must have to do with me and fabric.

Yesterday I picked Caleb up at the bus stop after kindergarten. He asked where we were going. I told him I needed to go to Home Depot to get some floor cleaner. On our way into Home Depot he asked if we had anywhere else to go. I told him there was a quilting store across the street, Threads of Time. I promised we'd be quick. The whining began. He suddenly had to go to the bathroom and needed to go home to do it. He wanted to know why I wasn't waiting until Saturday to go fabric shopping when he could stay home with Dad. He told me from now on I should only go on Saturdays.

Well.... Threads of Time is closing. I was quite disappointed to see that since there are not many quilt stores around here. However, as I was looking one of the other shoppers asked one of the workers where she was going to work when the shop closes. She said that one of the other workers is going to open a shop in Farmington! I'm so excited! One close to me! I hope it opens soon.......

Threads of Time didn't have what I was looking for. I had to go over to Quilter's Haven, which is one of my favorite stores. I needed more 30's fabric for my flower quilt. I thought I had tons of scraps, but I feel like I needed a few more since I don't want to do green, aqua or yellow flowers since the centers are all yellow and the stems are aqua. Caleb chippered up at Quilter's Haven. Really, how can you be grumpy there? The boys love the ramp on the side of the store. We were also quick as promised.

When the new quilt shop comes to Farmington I will hopefully be able to get there and back and do everything else I need to do during the time Caleb is at kindergarten. That way he won't have to use the word "fabric" to describe something frustrating.


Anna M. said...

How funny about the fabric! My husband is the same way...and he's an adult! =)

You'll have to let me know when the new quilt shop open so I can check it out!

erica e said...

ha! i wish i had a good quilt store close by so i could frustrate my children with trips there. :) i haven't done much fabric shopping this past year! you better believe i have a big trip to broadbents planned for next week!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Quilters Haven is a fun store. Its nice to have a choice though. I hated to fabric shop with my mom as a girl but now I'm doing it to my kids!