Saturday, September 27, 2008

Loch Lomond Quilt Show

Today was our First Annual Loch Lomond Quilt Show. All of us at one time or another lived in the Loch Lomond Subdivision in Saratoga Springs. All of us but two have now moved. Here is a picture of us taken just before the show. Every year since 2005 we have done a group exchange quilt. As you look at the pictures the shoo-fly blocks are from our first exchange. The house blocks are from the second, the nine patches are from last year. I loved the way Kristin's yard looked with all the quilts. If it wasn't for sun, rain or other weather damage I'd display all my quilts in my yard all the time!

This is one of my quilts from a few years ago.
Here are some 9 patches.

The pink and green quilt is also mine.
Strawberry Lilies is mine too.
Erica's beautiful snowflakes.

The baskets are mine and the flowers are Kristin's.
Elisa's cute robot quilt.
Erica's quilt. This is one of my favorites of hers.
Here's another 9 patch.

My butterfly and Halloween quilts.

A house and 9 patch both from exchanges.

A few shoo fly quilts.

Here are the star blocks we exchanged today. We each made a star block out of the Prairie Paisley fabric and kept one and made 11 to share.

This is the back of Anna's group quilt from a year ago.
House quilts from the second exchange.

The next several are from the exchange at the beginning of last year. I love to see how everyone put theirs together. I didn't take any of mine from any of the exchanges. I love to see how the exact same blocks in the same fabric can all look so different when different people put them together.

Amy's Martha Stewart quilt made of Martha's dish towels. I LOVE this one.

I love this vintage space baby quilt Amy made. I am really liking vintage kid fabric lately. I had to take an up close picture. The colors in this are so bright and happy.

Our first quilt show was a success. It was so fun to have so many people come out to see our quilts!


Nedra said...

What a fun group! Your quilts are awsome!

Stephanie said...

Beautiful. Love the setting.

Anna M. said...

It really was so much fun! I can't wait until the next show! =)

Prudy said...

Those are just unbelievably exquisite! I'm only sorry I live too far away to come and take a real peek. I loved showing these to my daugher who is studying quilts for art right now. Perfect timing! I'm amazed at your talent!

erica e said...

this was so much fun. i can't wait to do it again. and i'm so glad it still felt like coming home to visit all my favorite quilters.

Kristin Barrus said...

Thanks for making the drive, it wouldn't be the same without you!

belinda said...

oh my....what a great quilt parade!

Mel said...

Wonderful presentations! So charming and inspiring! I absolutley love the house blocks with the embroidered verse in the sashings!

Cris said...

I wouldn´t know which one choose, are great!