Monday, May 3, 2010


Lately I'm into quick projects that I can do in an afternoon. Mostly because I may have an afternoon today and then not again for a few weeks. In a few weeks I have usually lost some steam to finish a project and am wanting to start a new one.

A week ago I went garage saleing. I found these shutters for $1 each and bought all four of them. I've seen people doing cute things with shutters on other blogs and thought it was a great way to take up quite a bit of wall space. The Nester used shutters HERE and HERE. Here is another use of old shutters.
I forgot to take a picture before I took the handles off. I did decide to spray paint them with oil rubbed bronze spray paint, but I'm thinking I'm not going to put them on again.
I need more color in my family room so I decided to do a lighter teal color. I spray painted them first.

They were a little shinier than I was hoping for so I decided to add a glaze.

I'm not sure which I like better. The glaze gives them more of an antique look, but I felt like the plain paint was a little too bright. Since they are already glazed I will hang them like this for now and if I don't like them a quick spray of paint will cover it back up again. I'm going to hang them above my mantel. I'll post pics as soon as they're up.
I've been doing a lot of garage sale shopping for cheap ways to decorate my house. I found a great deal on a hutch. I can't decide if I want to paint it white with a glaze, black or possible the same teal above. I'll post pictures when it's finished!


Lori Holt said...

I love the vintage look from the glaze...they have more personality.
Great find...I'm sure they will look fantastic in your home!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I do want to see them up. It is hard to imagine. What a great idea.