Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The State of the Sewing Room Address

See this cute laundry room? Remember it. It's not mine. I can't move the picture where I want it. It won't let me copy and paste or slide it down so now I don't know how to move pictures again just mere weeks after I mastered it. This one is from Apartment Therapy.

My sewing/ laundry room is not in good shape. A week ago this Thursday was the last time I did laundry. A week ago this last Sunday I noticed some water coming from under the dryer.... yes, it had been 4 days since I had done any laundry. Prior to this I had smelled mold. I thought it was coming from the washing machine and had done several things to see where it was coming from but couldn't find the source. Once my husband started investigating the water situation this is what he found:

Here is my cutting table. Water had been slowly building up under this counter. I had to empty it of all my fabric. Fortunately nothing got wet.

Here is mold coming out of the wall.

Here are the pipes after my husband cut into the wall to see where the leak was coming from. It was the kitchen sink. Apparently over the last few years it has been leaking 2-3 ounces ever time it was used. Finally there was enough to make it seep out of the wall.

And no, the insurance won't pay for this. They said it was a maintenance issue. The plumber we hired to fix the pipe even called the insurance to tell them that unless we hacked into the wall once in awhile to check on our pipes there is no way we'd have ever known. Apparently they only cover pipe breaks. This same insurance company also paid when my brother left a hose on and running down my parents outside stairs to the basement and it flooded, but it won't cover this. We are switching insurance companies...... for next time.

So now that the pipe is fixed we (meaning my husband) have to replace drywall and rebuild the counter. Then we will have to replace moldy linoleum and paint. I want to paint a fun, clean color for the laundry room, but don't want something too bright for fear it will make my fabric look off. I really am wanting to do a tangerine color (now is the time to see the first picture.) Whatever I do it needs to coordinate with ugly 80's blue. That's what color the sewing counter and cutting counter are.

Anyway, I won't be sewing for awhile. Or doing laundry.... at least not here. I do have a few other projects to share though. I'll post those over the next little while.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Oh Elizabeth. Been there. Done that. Sorry. I know how much this costs and the annoyance level as well. My heart goes out to you. Life is so imperfect.

Jessa said...

I've been looking for an orange color for my mudroom/laundry room/ possible kitchen (they're all connected) This is great! Thanks for sharing :) So sorry about the mess you've had to deal with!!!

MamaT said...

I think the tangerine would go quite well with the 80's blue. Maybe the blue wouldn't seen so 80's anymore.

erica e said...

what a pain! i can't wait to see pics of the new and improved, tangerine laundry room though!