Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm Back... I hope

Sorry for the wrinkled fabric below, but I wanted you to be able to see what the fabric looks like up close and took a picture of the scrap. Obviously, I didn't iron it first. Just keeping it real!

Maybe I'm back. I hope. Three little kids are really keeping me busy. I've been doing projects, both sewing and home related, but I haven't been posting them. I'll try to better. Maybe blog at least once a month?

In April I decided I'd had it with my plain white Roman shades. We put them in when we first moved in because I wasn't sure what to put there and they were cheap. It looked like white sheets hanging in my door. I decided to cover them. I went to Home Fabrics. Have you been there? I love that store. Cheap decorator fabric. This fabric happened to be on sale for $3 a yard. It's thick, heavy fabric. I debated. I kind of wanted a bold floral, but I also wanted to do pillows and other accessories and I didn't want it to all match. I went with a teal and tan stripe. Kind of boring, but better than plain white, right? Sorry you can't see the fabric very well in the pictures.

It's kind of a dim day outside. Anyway, I measured the existing shades for the pattern and then sewed the new fabric right on top of the old. These do have wooden (at least I assume they are wood) dowels inside the folds. Every time I got to one I backstitched and then didn't sew over it so they'd keep their shape.

Here is one down. They are so much thicker and darker. Before I wondered if people could see through the other ones. Not anymore!

Today I have plans to make my boys ties. I'll post pictures if that actually happens!

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Barb said...

Sounds like you are keeping really busy...