Monday, June 6, 2011

Home Improvements

When we moved in we knew we had a lot of work to do. Over the past few years we've realized that is an understatement. Here you can see our front doors. They look ok, right? I haven't loved the double doors. Sure, it was great on moving day, but it looks weird if you only put one wreath on it. Also, I've found people get confused about which door is the one opens. Who knew? The worst thing about these doors is they only have those four tiny windows at the top for letting in natural light. They open into an entry way with a formal living room on the left and a formal dining on the right. There is no light and very dark entry.
(I can't get this picture to go below the other, but we've replaced the double doors with this. Hopefully our door guy will be back soon to finish. We love it and it makes for a much brighter entry.) In this picture you can see the banister going up to the porch is missing at the bottom. Well, a week after we moved in we took out the carpet in the formal dining room and added wood floor. My husband, dad and I worked on it ourselves. As my husband had a long piece he took outside to cut he hit the rain with the tip. Barely. The whole thing fell off. It was rotten all the way through. This was just the beginning.

Here's a better picture of the railing. The part that isn't falling off.

This year is the year we've designated to help out our overgrown yard. We've replaced the rotton railing with a vinyl one. Hopefully we can get our drip system working and I can plant flowers in my flower boxes soon!

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