Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Olivia's First Quilt

I finished my lady bug quilt! I finally had a reason to. Since I had no finished baby quilt for Olivia when I got home I needed to get cracking on this one. I had the lady bugs finished so I just had to add the outer border and then last night I quilted it last night and bound it today.
Sorry about the shadows. I took the picture outside and we have tons of trees in our yard.
I found the pattern years ago in Quick Quilts. Quilting Cottage in American Fork had a sample made and I loved it. I bought the fabric and it's been sitting around waiting for a baby girl until this summer when I pulled it out. This was about a year before Jake was born so probably a little over three years ago.
Now onto another quilt out of Bubblegum Basics.... I'm loving girl fabric.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Oh it is darling. Red and white. I love those together. In fact if I could only use 2 colors the rest of my life it would be those two. Glad I don't have to though. Ladybugs - so cute.

Nedra said...

She will look so cute stretched out on her new quilt, staring at the trees above. My babies were always so facinated by the movement of the big trees in our yard when we lived up North.

GARI said...

This is really cute and different from the "normal" baby quilt.

erica e said...

love the ladybugs! what fun red and white fabrics!
oh, and i NEED some of that bubblegum fabric. i love it.

Sherri said...

Such a cute quilt! Can't wait to see what you make with Bubblegum Basics!

Jantine said...

Oh how much I love this quilt. Those are my favorite colors and it is lovely with the squares and ladybugs. And it suits a girl for much longer than pink would. My daughter is still into red after 12 years, and out of pink for at least 6!!!