Monday, February 9, 2009

What I have and have not been working on.

I had big quilting plans for last week. I started this whirlygiggle quilt from the pattern that I won from Camille's blog. I had also planned on starting my blocks for my next quilt exchange. I may have mentioned before that a group of us from my old neighborhood used to quilt together. Of the 15 or so of us only two still live in that neighborhood, but we've been able to continue to do block exchanges. This time we are planning on doing a blue and cream quilt. I still need more blues, but this is the fabric I'm using. Those two plans got put away when we bought bunk beds for my boys. We had been looking and looking for a few months now and finally found some we liked and that were sturdy. I already made Caleb's quilt but hadn't even started Jake's because he was still in a crib. My other projects of the week were put away to get moving on his quilt. I figured it wouldn't take too long to do since it's so easy...... Several weeks ago I was asked to teach a block of the month quilt for my church. We had planned on one quilt where everyone chose their own patterns, but people wanted to do it who had never quilted before so we decided to do a quilting basics class. Tuesday was when we scrapped the other quilt ( no pun intended) and I started planning the new one. I want to start very basic and each month get a little bit harder.

Another surprise came yesterday morning as we were getting ready for church. My husband was getting breakfast for my boys while I showered. When I was done the hot water would not turn off. I gave it a strong turn and it went off. I didn't think much about it at first until Jeff came down about 20 minutes later and the water was still running. He couldn't get it off at all! So, while I took my kids to church Jeff stayed home turning off the water to the house and trying to figure out the problem. He was able to get there only a little late, but we now only have cold water. My kitchen is stacked with dirty dishes, nobody has showered or bathed. And laundry is (ok, already was) stacked to the ceiling. So once the problem is fixed I have a lot of cleaning to do before I can get too far on quilting. Wish us luck... and hot water!

Also, I did get this blog award from Anna. Thanks so much!

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Sherri said...

I've had weeks like the whirlygiggle quilt...and the football print is great...who makes that fabric? My youngest son would love that fabric!