Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ahhhhh Broadbent's

Until 6 months ago we lived in Utah County. When we moved her to Davis County I realized how good Utah County quilters have it as far as quilt shops go. We lived about 5 minutes away from Broadbent's. Broadbent's has got to be my favorite quilt shop. The ladies in charge of choosing which fabric they sell do such a great job of getting a variety of fabrics that appeal to each person. I just love their selection.

This weekend we were down in Utah County as my husband's step-sister and her husband were sealed. On the way home we stopped by Broadbent's. I bought the rest of my blue fabric for the block exchange. Moda Essential Dots in blue. Hopefully I also got enough for binding. For our anniversary in December my husband gave me a layer cake book. I have been waiting and waiting for Sweet to come out so that I can make one of the patterns in there. I was so excited to see it. I had called around in Bountiful and none of the stores there had it.

They also had Flag Day Farm. They didn't have a layer cake or honey bun of it which is what I was looking for so I didn't buy any, but I have also been waiting to see that fabric so I could make Sugar Sweet Swirls. It was fun to see all of the fabric on the bolt though.... and it made me want it even more.

I also bought a new iron this weekend. My old one died on Friday.... or rather I thought I might die if I used it again. I was ironing some blocks for the swap when I saw a spark. It had come from the cord. Apparently the cord was so worn that the wires were coming through. I unplugged it and that is why this new iron is now joining us. It's quite a bit heavier than my old iron, but who doesn't need to workout while they quilt?


flora said...

Thanks for your kind words about Broadbent's. Those of us who work there think it is the best too.! Fabric buyers are Janice and Laurel, and I think they have the most wonderful "eye". Glad you stop by while in town.
Next time, tell us you are 'silver scissors!" Again our thanks.

Nedra said...

I love Broadbent's too! You asked if I hand quilted the Grandmother's Flower Garden. It was hand quilted, but not by me. I hired a grandma in Cedar Hills to do it. Worth every penny and she did a wonderful job.

Carol said...

I love your Layer Cake...have fun!

erica e said...

ah, yes, broadbents. i miss it. i love that fig tree pattern you aare going to make. and glad to hear you got a new iron. Scary!

girlsmama said...

While I only visit Broadbents a couple times a year I live in the south end of Utah county and I LOVE all the shops.

To find your Moda pre-cuts my fav online source is fatquartershop.com

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I couldn't resist that layer cake either! Isn't broadbents wonderful. I love them all there.