Sunday, July 6, 2008

Prairie Paisley

I finished my blocks for my quilt exchange. I needed to make 12 12 inch star blocks out of Prarie Paisley fabric to share with my friends. The exchange is in September sometime. I'm glad to be done early! Can't wait to see what the others do.

This is my camera happy 2 year old. Whenever he sees me taking a picture that is not of him he jumps into it. Then he smiles his "pose for the camera" smile, which is not the same as his happy smile. He loves to be the center of attention and when he's not, he does something to make him the center of attention.

Now the bad news. I was taking off a short sleeve sweater on the 4th of July. I don't know if there was already a small hole or what, but I put my elbow right through the seam of the arm and body of the sweater. Now, can I just sew it back up again, or do I have to knit it up? I'm not good at knitting. Can I just do it with my sewing machine? It's just the seam that's ripped.


Stephanie said...


erica e said...

these look great! i started mine this weekend too! i'm getting excited about this exchange!

Elizabeth said...

I'm getting excited too. I need to buy boarders, sashing and backing because it's running out quick. Broadbent's only has two or three bolts left with almost nothing on them.