Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Centerville Quilt Show and a Rolled Hem Foot

On the Fourth of July Centerville has a quilt show at Centerville Elementary. It's not a contest, just a show. Last year I entered a few quilts I just happened to have with me when we slept over the night before at my parents house. This year I decided not to enter any, but had fun going to see them. Unfortunately, with my camera in hand, I forgot to take any pictures.

There weren't as many quilts as last year, but it's always fun too see what people enter. There were two quilts that were needle turn applique, a Baltimore album and a Hawaiian quilt. Some were quilted by hand and some were machine quilted.

My favorite three quilts were at the end. The first was a log cabin quilt. The quilt history was on a paper next to it. It was made in 1778. I couldn't believe it! All had pieced and hand quilted. Wow! Next to it was a quilt from 1880. It was a quadruple Irish Chain. It as very interesting to see that because it wasn't fabric I would have thought of if I were making a civil war era reproduction quilt. One of the colors was a bright orange solid, which I would not have thought of. I guess 1880 is a good 18 years after the civil war, however I was still surprised to see the color choice. Apparently I need to read up on quilt history. Next to that was a yo-yo quilt/bedspread made around 1940. The paper telling the information said how many yo-yos it had. I can't remember the exact number, but it was about 2,650. I love seeing old quilts that have been in the families for years.

In other quilt news I bought a rolled hem foot. My patterns for aprons use one on the ruffles. I have birthday money left so off to Nuttalls I went! I've never used one before and am a little intimidated. It will be a fun adventure though. The lady at Nuttalls gave me a little demo. It looked complicated so I may be reaching out to my quilt blog friends for tips! Let me know if you have any!

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Thank you for visiting my blog! Glad you liked the cherry table runner! If you make it, you must post it! I wanna see! ;o)