Saturday, April 25, 2009

More About Me (because I'm sure you've been wanting to know!)

I just remembered that I had a list of 25 things I posted on my other blog as a tag. Here they are (sorry, some of them are the same as I already wrote).

1- Right now I'm sitting here in the dark. Why? It got dark as I was sitting here and I haven't bothered to turn on the lights.

2- Sometimes on Saturdays and Sundays when our kids don't get naps we put them to bed between 6-7.

3- I got up and worked out at 6 four times this week. The fifth time I had planned on it I was up for several hours in the night because Jeff was working and Jake kept waking up.

4- When I wake up after about 4am I can't get back to sleep for a few hours. It's always been like that. I had a love/hate relationship with sleepovers because of this growing up. I loved to go be with friends, but hated laying there awake at their houses.

5- I think the key to loving where you live is your neighborhood. If you love your neighborhood, you can make due with your house, even if it's not perfect. We absolutely love our neighborhood here and hope we never have to move again.

6- I'm better at updating my quilt blog then updating this blog.

7- I have always wanted lots of kids. I had planned on 6-8. It's looking doubtful that will happen though.

8- Because it's looking doubtful I've become passionate about adoption. I love talking to other adoptive couples.

9- If I ever went back to work full time I'd like to go back to school and get a degree in social work or something else so I could work for an adoption agency instead of teaching elementary again.

10- I honestly check several agencies available situations pages multiple times a day (can't miss a new posting) in case our next baby is posted.

11- I love helping at Caleb's school. It also reminds me of why I taught 5th grade instead of kindergarten.

12- I don't like to stop reading. If I'm reading a book I don't like to be interupped. I'd rather just read the whole thing straight through. This presents a problem as I have more obligations than time to read. I've had to limit my reading to one book every other week so my family doesnt' get ignored too much. Although last Monday and Tuesday I read a book and I've already started another one......

13- I can't stand to sleep with my elbows bent. I just find it irrating and uncomfortable.

14- I've mentioned this before, but I'm running out of new stuff..... There are three main things I can't stand in a movie: talking animals ( seriously? that is totally fake!), the Nazi's (too scary, although the book from Monday and Tuesday was about them), aliens ( again, who are we kidding? That's about as fake as it gets) and it seems like there is someting else too but I can't remember right now. I'll have to ask Jeff.

15- My favorite tv show used to be the Office, but I'm afraid it's going downhill.

16- If I ever move again I'm going to find a place where it only snows between December 15 and January 2. After that I'd like it to be at least 70. Actually at this point I'd settle for a balmy 45.

17- I just asked Jeff for an idea for #17. He said I refuse to call for pizza delivery.

18- The word cappillary grosses me out. I think of veins popping and blood squirting out. ( also supplied by Jeff)

19- Jeff again- I can't handle brushing my rubbing fingertips. It makes me picture the fingerprints rubbing together.

20- Growing up I HATED to call guys. In fact, I never did unless I was calling them back. I did not ask them out until we had reached the phase we could actually call it " dating" then I felt like I had to do something to recipicate. It made me way too nervous. In fact, I didn't even call the guys I was good friends with. I probably didn't call Jeff on the phone for a good two months after we started dating, as in seeing each other every day for hours on end and on kissing terms. Emailing or talking to them in person didn't bother me, but I refused to talk to them on the phone. In fact, in college my roommates and I stole all one of our guy friends food (ok, so he only owned peanut butter). We realized the next day was Fast Sunday and he was coming over to our house for dinner so he may not notice until Monday that his pb was gone. I was voted by my roommate to call him and invite him over to our apartment to make peanut butter cookies and ask him if he would supply the peanut butter. He told us he knew something was up the second he found out it was me on the phone because I never called guys as a general rule.

21- Caleb has just supplied that I like fabric.

22- Jeff says I think the sewing machine store counts as an electronic store (my sewing machine is computerized so I think it totally counts). I did tell him one day that I needed to go to the electronic store. Then I guided him to the Bernina shop. He didn't love that.

23- When I was an RA in college only one of my roommates (Becca) and I were home one weekend. I think it was a three day weekend or something because most people had gone home. Whenever I had to walk through the dorm I hadn't gone down the basement because the lights were off, plus it was a little scary down there. As I was laying in bed I started to feel guilty for not going down there when it was time to kick guys out. I was telling my roommate this and we heard a door slam and looked out the window to see a guy get into a car. We talked ourselves into thinking it could be a murderer or something. We needed something to defend ourselves with. I knew I couldn't stab anyone with a knife so we grabbed forks. It seemed more humane. Then we checked the basement together. Fortunatly, the dorm was murderer free.

24- Supplied by Jeff again...... I get grossed out by my own blood. I start to feel faint. I once cute my finger with a rotary cutter and about passed out. Literally. Not from the pain, but becasue I kept thinking of the way it felt as I was slicing through my finger. I really thought I was going to throw up.

25- I have terrible handwritting. In fact one of 5th graders tried to give me a compliment once. She told me she loved my handwritting because it wasn't perfect like all the other teachers. I tried to remember it was a compliment.


Sherri said...

I love these's fun to find out a bit more about everyone~

Verena said...

Ha ha ha! You are a hoot! I really have to chuckle because I just looked up and realized I'm sitting in the dark too. It snuck up on me.