Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I love to quilt, but I also love to read. I love to read mysteries, but recently I've been reading novels about quilters. A few years ago I discovered the Elm Creek Quilts books. I really enjoyed the earlier books in this series. Most of the series is about 7 women who run a Quilt Camp in Pennsylvania. These books not only explore the lives of these women and but also of their ancestors who influenced them. My favorite book in this series are The Runaway Quilt, about how quilts were used as signals on the Underground Railroad during the Civil War. My second favorite book in this series is The Sugar Camp Quilt, also about the Civil War. These books made me feel I keep reading or do I quilt. Reading the books made me want to quilt, but these two books I could not put down! I just finished the latest in this series. Not my favorite, but still good.

My very favorite quilting novel has to be the Persian Pickle Club. When I started reading this I had no idea it had my three favorite genres: quilting, adoption and murder! What could be more exciting? I really need to buy this book so I can read it at least once a year. I also want to read Tallgrass, also by Sandra Dallas. If any of you have any great quilting novels let me know! I'd love to read more.


Stephanie said...

Oh I love mysteries. I really enjoyed Persian Pickle. Have you read any of Earlene Fowler's quilt mysteries? Her main character is Benni Harper and all of her book are a "quilt" title like Irish Chain and Kansas Troubles. Enjoy!

Juliann in WA said...

I like to get these books on CD and then I can listen to them while I quilt!