Friday, June 27, 2008

Cupcakes, Aprons and Current Projects.

So here's what I've been working on: I have one complete zig-zag ribbon boarder completely finished. I have the flying geese for 2 mores sides finished. Unfortunatly, when I was doing the setting triangles I forgot to trim one piece of sashing and ran the sashing all the way to the end. I need to unpick and make two more setting triangles. What a pain. Seriously, I don't know how I missed that. I cannot find matching background fabric. Hopefully as I go to the Shop Hop tomorrow I can find the piece. Shouldn't be too difficult.

I started this lemon quilt as a diversion from the boarder, which actually hasn't been too bad. Less than a half hour per side. Not sure why it seemed so daunting
to me. Anwyay, I am having fun with this quick one and am going to put three yo-yos on the left side (my right) of the lemon. The pattern calls for wool flowers but since my oldest breaks out in hives when he touches wool I think yo-yos may be a better option. What do you think?

Next I need to get going on my Prarie Paisley stars for a block swap in August. So far, I haven't even gotten the fabric cut. I just need to get it cut and out of the way, but I want to wait until I'm done with Strawberry Lillies before I start something else. For whatever reason, I'm not feeling that motivated to finish so it's becoming a slow process.

Last night I ran over to Broadbent's to see if they had more background fabric. Although they didn't, it's shop hop so I had fun looking at all the new displays. I also bought a few unexpected patterns. I've been wanting to make some aprons forever. As a stay-at-home mom I feel like I'm always getting stuff on my clothes.
I need cute aprons to cover them up. I'm guessing though, that the aprons will end up cutier than my real clothes.

I also bought this cute cupcake pincushion pattern. Yes, I already have a pin cushion pattern, but I couldn't resist this. They had some already finished there that were soooo cute! The picture doesn't do it justice. My only worry.... will it make me crave cupcakes?


erica e said...

great post! i love the apron pattern and can't wait to see pics of you in it making cupcakes! :) the border looks great. and so do the lemons! that is such a cute pattern.
i haven't started my prairie paisley yet either. i better start soon before i forget what i was planning to do and bought fabric for. :(
i'm excited to see what else you get from shop hop. wish i could go with you!

erica e said...

p.s. what quilt are you doing for the stash challenge? that's a fun challenge, huh?

Stephanie said...

LOVE your new patterns. Amazing how popular aprons are...I can't remember people wearing them since I was a kid and only then my Grandmother wore them. Can't wait to see your lemon project finished.

Melanie said...

Hi I'm on the Summer Stash Challenge too. I love the pics of your quilts.

I did a cupcake pin cushion using the top from a squash bottle to give the cup shape and covering it in striped fabric, and the cake bit was a white fabric with rainbow dots on like hundreds and thousands. It works quite well as it's tall enough for quilting pins.

Good luck adopting. We had 3 older siblings placed with us in the UK. Unfortunately it didn't work out for us, but I still think it is a wonderful and worthwhile thing you are trying to do.

Nedra said...

Thanks for checking out my new site Elizabeth. I've added you to my blog list. It's always fun to find other quilters here in Utah. Good luck with your adoption. You look like a beautiful family.--Nedra @ Cactus Needle