Monday, June 4, 2012


Silver Scissor Quilts is moving to a location. It's very similar to this one, but I feel like the word quilts in the title is no longer important. I still like to quilt, but I like to sew, cook, read, and do DIY projects around my house. This new blog will be a combination of all of those things, so we are losing the word quilts in the title and changing the name to The Silver Scissor. I hope you'll stop by to see what I'm working on!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A sneak peak

Here is a sneak peak of the cupboards. They look really yellowish in this picture. I am debating about painting the wall also. My husband has tomorrow off, so hopefully we can get the moulding on top and touch up.
I wasn't positive about the glaze at first. I don't ever like a lot of glaze. I don't like it to look messy. It is growing on me though. I also need to decide what curtains to make. I was going to do Roman shades and had bought a kit with all the stuff to make them. Then it got recalled. I'm trying to decide if I want just short ones that hang down, but our table is by the window you can see in this picture and my kids don't have the cleanest hands. I need something that will cover the window since they face west and it gets warm as I'm making dinner in the summer.

Ok, so I showed the bathroom wall awhile ago. I need a color to go with it. It usually looks gray, but around 5pm it looks kind of blueish. I really like apple green, but I'm not sure how that will look during the blueish time of day. We'll have to see... I'm open to suggestions!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Roomspiration Dining Rooms Party!

I know I've showed the dining room before, but today I'm linking up to the Roomspiration Dining Rooms Party today. I'm not totally finished in this room, but I'm working on it. Here is the before picture. Pretty boring, right? We decided to paint our dining room Tobacco Road by Kwal. It's kind of a goldish tan. We added box moulding to the bottom and also chair rail and crown.

Here's the semi finished product. The curtains are from Home Fabrics. Have you been there? I love it! These curtains were $10 a panel in the clearance section. You can't make them yourself for that price!

I would love to get a new dark wood or black table. This is an inherited one and there is a family debate about what to do with this one. Since this picture was taken I have painted some black shelves that are now on the wall on the left side of the picture. i can't find my camera though to take a new picture of them. I also need to work on a centerpiece for the table.

This week I've been working on painting our kitchen cabinets. I'm almost finished. Hopefully I'll start glazing today and this weekend we can put the doors back on and add the moulding. Then of course I need to make curtains and paint the walls- probably not in that order! Hopefully next week I'll something ready to show!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A New Quilt

We just put our two year old in a big girl bed. She loves it. I'm not completely sold on her 1- being old enough for one and 2- that this is all going to work out. When my husband and I go up to bed at night we usually find her sleeping on the bed, but with the light on. She claims there's scary guy in the closet. I can handle the light on though. The other thing is that there are several times when she wakes up with different pajamas on. She must decide she wants different ones and then switches after we go downstairs. The other day when she woke up from her afternoon nap she also had pjs on. Today at nap time I could hear her moving around. I went to check and she had the baby wipes and was pulling them out. She loves to pull them out. I'm sure if we gave her a package for Christmas and let her do as she pleased with them she'd be thrilled.

Anyway, a new bed calls for a new quilt, don't you think? Her walls are Kwal's English Sage. I had lots of scraps and quarter cuts in that color, pink, yellow and blue. Let's hope my quilting bug keeps up and I finish before I'm ready to repaint!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Painted Cabinets

Welcome to my kitchen. My messy, messy kitchen. Don't fret, the dishes in the sink are clean. I can't stand the smell of dirty dishes.

I have been thinking about painting my cabinets. Here they are, in their true 80s glory. A year ago our dishwasher broke. It was a lovely almond color. As you can see on your left, there is an lovely almond stove top. The ovens and fridge are on the wall I'm standing against to take this picture. Also, a beautiful, 80s almond color. I hated them. When the dishwasher broke I got a black one. Recently our double ovens broke. My friend had double ovens in black. She had totally remodeled her kitchen and was getting rid of fairly new double ovens. I snatched them up, along with a black gas stove top.

When I went to go pick up the ovens I got to see her brand new kitchen and fell in love. She had beautiful cream cabinets with a slight glaze on them. It was the push I needed to go buy paint and all the supplies to paint my cabinets.

This is the color, although I hope it's slightly darker on here then it will be in real life. It's Kwal's Sunkist Ridge.

It's all been sitting in my garage for a month. I'm a little undecided on the color (I know, a little late now). But I'm wondering if it will look ok with the counter tops. I prefer dark counter tops with light cabinets, but that's not in the budget now. These are light with a creamish and black flecks.

The thing that is holding me back the most is the cleaning of the cabinets. I've heard I need to use TSP and that sounds like a huge job. The kitchen isn't that big, as you can see, and I plan to use a paint sprayer for a smooth finish. I just need to get started and do it. I really want it done, the actually doing it part is the problem. Now for a little motivation...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Model Homes and Up

On Monday we were visiting with my mother-in-law and some other family members. She mentioned that the Up look alike house was just down the street. She said it was closed now, but we decided to drive past it. Now, I haven't seen the show (um... I also haven't seen Star Wars). My kids have seen the show and liked it. Maybe I'll have to rent it this weekend. Is it weird to rent an animated movie just to see the animated house in it? We were pleasantly surprised to see that it was open. Maybe because it was Labor Day. Anyway, we went inside to take a tour. Now, I like the house on the outside... except the colors. I'm more of a traditional girl than a bright green/ pink/blue/ yellow, but I do love the style.

This was a bedroom in the basement. I didn't get any more pictures than this because there were a lot of people in there, but I wish I would have gotten a picture of the kitchen. I loved the white cabinets and the turquoise appliances.

If you want to see more pictures of the Up house, check out Hooked on Houses.

Because this was in a neighborhood that is not finished yet, there were three model homes. My husband hadn't believed me when I told him that wallpaper was coming back. I also had to take pictures of some of my other favorite things.

I loved the frames hung on door hangers here.

This is the wallpaper in the powder room. I loved it!

It was a small room, but so fun!

I need curtains for my kitchen windows. These Roman Shades didn't look like they actually function, but I thought they were cute anyway. I also like the tassels hanging down.

I loved the checkered wall in this and also the tassels on the curtain.

This is wallpaper in a different powder room in a different house. I've seen stencils that are very similar to this. It's just so much fun to see pattern on a wall.

I thought this was interesting and fun. The lines in this wall are real ribbon. It is just tacked on with thumbtacks. You can't really tell in the picture, but where the ribbons intersect is a flower with a thumbtack in the center, holding it all on.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The REAL Stencil

So I had to switch stencils. I was cheap and bought a cheap stencil at Hobby Lobby. BIG MISTAKE. The registration marks were so small it was hard to line up, the stencil itself didn't move well around the corners or top of the wall. It was a mess. I broke down and bought one from Royal Design Studio. So much easier. The registratoin marks were huge and also part of the pattern. It was so easy to line up. It also came with a smaller stencil to do along the top of the wall. Here's the finished wall. I couldn't get the whole thing because it's a small room. I just did one wall. I still have to paint the molding and door. I also accidently got gray paint on the cupboard. I was going to paint that anyway, just not now. It will now be painted a little sooner than planned.

Now, to decide what to hang on the wall.