Thursday, September 15, 2011

A New Quilt

We just put our two year old in a big girl bed. She loves it. I'm not completely sold on her 1- being old enough for one and 2- that this is all going to work out. When my husband and I go up to bed at night we usually find her sleeping on the bed, but with the light on. She claims there's scary guy in the closet. I can handle the light on though. The other thing is that there are several times when she wakes up with different pajamas on. She must decide she wants different ones and then switches after we go downstairs. The other day when she woke up from her afternoon nap she also had pjs on. Today at nap time I could hear her moving around. I went to check and she had the baby wipes and was pulling them out. She loves to pull them out. I'm sure if we gave her a package for Christmas and let her do as she pleased with them she'd be thrilled.

Anyway, a new bed calls for a new quilt, don't you think? Her walls are Kwal's English Sage. I had lots of scraps and quarter cuts in that color, pink, yellow and blue. Let's hope my quilting bug keeps up and I finish before I'm ready to repaint!

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