Wednesday, March 31, 2010

paint, Paint, PAINT

I was looking through the camera today and realized I have not been keeping up on the blog. I had quite a few pictures that I have not posted.
I have been feeling a major redecorating (or just finish decorating) mood. We bought our house from some investors who had bought the house on foreclosure. The house was built in 1979 or 1980 (we have two different official papers that say two different things). Apparently when the investors bought the house it was COVERED in wallpaper. They set out to make the house more appealing thinking they'd get rich because of the rising housing market at the time. Well.... about 2 months after they bought the house the housing market started to tank. They had done quite a bit of work. Thanks to them we live in a wall paper free zone. We did find wallpaper remnants under our stairs in the basement and are very glad our living room is not decorated in bird houses, and our dining room is not decorated in a barn theme. Seriously, that's what we found.

Since they stripped the wallpaper they had to repaint. For some unknown reason they chose dark, drab colors. The first picture is our front door (hopefully it's years are numbered). That is the only light we have in our entry from those windows. The investors decided a dark grey/green would be perfect for a small darker space.
Here is the entryway looking into our living room and up the stairs. We decided to paint a light beige color called chocolate froth. Well..... it's a little chocolaty and a little more like not quite white. I don't love it, but it's much better than this green guck. I don't have a picture.
Next it was on to the living room. I don't have a good before shot, but here is the during.
Here is the color up close. Is it it green? Is it grey?

And the after. It's called pecan sandie. Kind of makes me want a cookie.


Jantine said...

I think you used your time well. Those walls look very pretty and pieceful to the eyes!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

It looks really fresh and clean. We built our house in 1995 and I still put up wallpaper! Why did I do that? Anyway it is all gone now, we took it off several years ago. I have loved "brown bread" from home depot paint. it isn't brown at all!! It looks tanish in the morning, yellow during the day and green at night. Isn't it amazing what paint does.